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Help me buy something luxurious for DH, please?

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JaneS Mon 20-Dec-10 14:02:25


Stuck in snow so shopping online. Brain is mush. I would like to get something nice for DH for his birthday. I got him a leather briefcase a couple of years ago that went down very well. I'm thinking of the kind of luxury bloke-stuff you see in men's vogue and so on, but no idea of specifics. He's an odd shape (shirt size 44, biiiig shoulders, proper Russian build). He is also bearded - do any of you have DH's who use poncy man-stuff for beards? Or what other spoiling things could I buy him?

I'm going to look out the 'nice aftershave' thread too, but I hate most cheapy perfumes and like Boudicca's range for myself, so if you know that and know what I might like on a man, I'd be glad to know.


seeker Mon 20-Dec-10 14:05:41

Can't go wrong with cashmere. Socks, scarf and gloves. Or a plain black poloneck, depending on budget.

JaneS Mon 20-Dec-10 14:07:52

Will have a look. I looked at brora just now and the colours looked a bit blah, but will google.

cornyPrawnsdefrostJasonDonovan Mon 20-Dec-10 14:08:11

who is the best company to order from online now? I've also left it too late...

JaneS Mon 20-Dec-10 14:10:13

I don't actually need stuff until the 1st, as we usually make a bigger deal of birthday presents rather than Christmas presents for him.

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Mon 20-Dec-10 14:12:38

whatabout about a massage? my husband would love that.

JaneS Mon 20-Dec-10 14:19:54

Mmm, yes, I could get some massage oils, sounds nice! Or did you mean book him into somewhere professional? (dim emoticon)

Keep 'em coming, I'm getting a mental stockpile now!

PurpleMiffy Mon 20-Dec-10 14:23:16

have you tried I've had some lovely gifts from there

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Mon 20-Dec-10 14:23:44

could do both grin

PurpleMiffy Mon 20-Dec-10 14:25:15

I've got my husband some Marc Jacobs 'Bang' smile but aftershave is very personal. Something you'd have to smell first

dinkystinky Mon 20-Dec-10 14:26:29

Are you in London? Maybe a beard trim at Murdoch and some quality haircare/facial care gear?

Got DH a lovely soft brown leather toiletries bag from Ted Baker earlier in the year which I filled iwht his favourite toiletries for his birthday - went down well.

PurpleMiffy Mon 20-Dec-10 14:27:07

posh jumper How much were you thinking of spending?

TheHouseofMirth Mon 20-Dec-10 14:29:48

Before the weather hit this afternoon would have been the deadline for standard delivery so you might be OK with somewhere that does next day delivery.There's Yoox Or what about a voucher from here?

JaneS Mon 20-Dec-10 14:59:01

dinky Not in London, I'm afraid - Oxford. I suspect he'd prefer to trim his own beard, too! But I love the idea of the toiletries bag, will have a browse on Ted Baker.

purple - that would be ok money-wise - will think.

house - it's ok, I don't need it until the 1st Jan. The annoying thing about his birthday is most sites will tell me all about Christmas orders but no info. about estimates for deliveries afterwards!

Btw, I was looking at the aftershave/cologne here: on=Sandalwood%20Range%20-%20NEW

It sounds nice, anyone's DH got it? Or can recommend a nice sandalwoody one? Another shaving one: do Badger brushes actually work?

(I'm focusing on the shaving because, being a bearded man, he doesn't half swear when he has to trim the thing!)

tulpe Mon 20-Dec-10 15:07:40

Yves St Laurent's M7 is a very luxe cologne for men. I spent hours perusing the shelves in Selfridges a couple of years ago, only to find ozone-y, citrusy offerings. M7 was the perfect scent for my DH. If I were to try and describe it, I would say it is "masculine, expensive smelling, lots of wood, chocolate, coffee and spice. Very sexy".

TheHouseofMirth Mon 20-Dec-10 15:08:43

Penhaligons also good and they have lovely leather washbags. lovely stuff here

JaneS Mon 20-Dec-10 15:13:23

Ooh, that sounds good tulpe! I know exactly what you mean about ozone/citrus, too.

May I ask what scents you like for you, so I can get an idea if we like the same stuff?

house - will have a look, thanks!

Aren't you all wonderful? smile

(Er ... but don't let appreciation stop you giving me more ideas! grin)

LikeSurprises Mon 20-Dec-10 16:11:21

fragrance - something woody

DasherandSmugly Mon 20-Dec-10 16:17:43

I would get something from either Tumi or Dunhill.

maktaitai Mon 20-Dec-10 16:18:08

Clothes - Austin Reed? Just thinking about wedding shopping for my dh, all the posh boutiques in oxford he looked ridiculous in their stuff, but Austin Reed was cut for the more substantial (NOT fat) guy, and if the snow ever goes away you can nip in to Cornmarket. The colours of their wool stuff look nicer than Brora IMO.

youngblowfish Mon 20-Dec-10 20:27:02

Tulpe's adventures in Selfridges made me think of my favourite perfumes. I have a very soft spot for Tom Ford, especially his Private Blend collection. Amazing, proper fragrances with complex but unfussy notes that last and last. I like some (Tobacco Vanille, Amber Absolute, Japon Noir) more than others, but they are all extraordinary.

The way they are marketed and packaged really appeals to my DH; none of the usual windswept waxed nubile models on yachts with airbrushed chests smelling of citrus and ozone . Just proper fragrances in unassuming bottles. Oh dear, I really am a sucker for luxury marketing. Still, Private Blend is worth testing, even if you don't end up getting it, as it is a thing of absolute beauty.

tulpe Mon 20-Dec-10 22:53:09

LRD my favourite commercial scents are Stella by Stella McCartney and Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf. Very different scents but the Stella for evening - gorgeously Amber and sophisticated - and the V&R for daytime - sweet and floral. Also adore Paul Smith Rose. It is the closest I have ever found to true rose essential oil. Natural essences - sandalwood, rose, vetiver, atlas cedarwood.

I am something of a fragrance snob as I trained in aromatherapy and can't abide artificial aromas.

ontariomama Tue 21-Dec-10 05:20:37

My husband, formally bearded, swears by
badger brushes, creams, and shave lotions, aftershaves, straight rasors, all sorts : )

JaneS Tue 21-Dec-10 14:42:44

Thanks all!

maktai - I agree, Oxford is fairly rubbish for men's formalwear - it all seems to be crowded out with university-related stuff! I'll see if I can get into Austin Reed.

blowfish - thanks - I see a trip to Selfridges coming on in January! The packaging sounds like a big plus too. grin

tulpe - ah, ok. I know what you mean about synthetic-y smelling scents, but not a floral girl at all, so we may have different tastes. I'll certainly go and have a sniff at the YSL when I go into London next - and your description of the Stella McCartney sounds absolutely delicious (I will try it for me!).

I think DH'll have to wait a little for this bit of his present, but that's ok! (I'm just trying desperately to get something for him that isn't Joop, which his mum used to buy him. Bleugh. Can't stand it.

ontario - thank you! And thanks to your husband too!

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