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Sodding bloody snow

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wahwahwah Mon 20-Dec-10 10:05:39

Anyone else unable to get away for Christmas? We are supposed to drive way up north and it is looking increasingly unlikely that we will be able to get up there. There is lots of snow predicted and last year, where there wasn't all that much, it was slippery-slidy up the motorway.

I will really miss my family!

tulpe Mon 20-Dec-10 10:15:05

wahwahwah I feel your pain. We had the same situation last year - was supposed to fly to France to spend Christmas with FiL but flight was cancelled. Bizarrely, where FiL lives was a metre deep in snow and Geneva airport didn't have much less........sodding Luton couldn't cope with 6 inches of the stuff!

I know it is of little consolation but better to be safe at home than take the risk of an unnecessary car journey.

wahwahwah Mon 20-Dec-10 10:19:45

I know - better stuck at home than snowed in!

It is very very un-christmassy here. No family, all the friends away... we are in central London which can be a bit miserable on christmas day (most shops shut, corner stores open, herds of bored looking tourists wandering around).

I will miss the big house, real open fire, lots of traditional food, crappy films on tv, not having to cook, clean and general housework (it doesn't count if you cook in someone elses home), tramping up the hills to feed the animals, going up the hill to give sweets to the fairies, morning service in the cathedral, all the trees, lights and decorations.....

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