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FC snowbound?

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CuddlyNotFat Mon 20-Dec-10 08:17:25

If FC is snowed in wink, how can I best explain the lack of some of the presents for the stockings to my DCs, who are not spoilt or grabby at all but just very excited about opening their stockings?

Obviously there won't be empty stockings but not as full as they might be...

I'm sure I can't be the only one wondering about this!

gillybean2 Mon 20-Dec-10 08:21:29

Help dig FC out by running down to your local hawkins bazaar or similar type shop..?

CuddlyNotFat Mon 20-Dec-10 08:36:17

Unfortunately FC is about 7 miles from the nearest shop at the moment!

juneybean Mon 20-Dec-10 08:41:46

The magic dust to make the sleigh go is frozen and cannot be used!

gillybean2 Mon 20-Dec-10 08:43:38

How old are the dc?

Can you print some vouchers/membership things off? My ds is mad for toontown and you can buy membership gift vouchers online and print out. Club penguin is similar I think if into that.

I think you can do same for RSPB kids club etc. Or at the very least you can print off a picture from their website and pop in a festive envelope with some bird seed/porridge oats and a note saying that the membership magazine etc is on its way along with a bird feeder or ladybird hibernation home.

Have you got some xmas crackers you can 'doctor' to add something into them? Like a £2 coin or £5 note? That should fill up some space.

Wrap some of the items you've got for stockings so it takes longer to open and get through it?

healthyElfy Mon 20-Dec-10 08:48:34

Are any of the main presents small enough if you take off some packaging? You can print Amazon vouchers too. Ours get a couple of sprouts if they havent been good 'every' day, worth a giggle if they are older but careful they dont get up set if they are little. You still have a few days, maybe a comic would bulk it out if you can get to a newsagent? Extra satsuma too! My oldest is 6 and cant remember what she gets each year so they may not remember how much they get anyway.

healthyElfy Mon 20-Dec-10 08:50:31

The problem is that he is magic and of course used to snow, so something a little left field might be needed, like a reindeer d&v bug or mrs clause is having a baby?

CuddlyNotFat Mon 20-Dec-10 09:25:55

Oooh, I like Mrs C having a baby!

SIL did give me some stuff for them from her...I'm sure she'd understand if it was rerouted!

DH is looking for any excuse to go and get the chains out and head of in the Landie!

gillybean2 Mon 20-Dec-10 09:53:19

Maybe would be better for one of the reindeer to be having the baby. As they're one short the reindeer couldn't carry quite so much on the sleigh but they may pop back later next week with a few more items...

CuddlyNotFat Mon 20-Dec-10 14:13:14

gillybean, thankyou...think I might use that!

DH managed to get into town with chains on sso he's doing some emergency shopping...I'm not normally this disorganised but 2 out of 3DCs have been ill so haven't been able to gto to the shops.

Actually it's quite nice to be able to stay in and not get into the last minute Christmas frenzy thing!

razors Thu 23-Dec-10 21:06:48

Now there is a good idea gillybean. My dd loves the Rudolph film and he falls in love with a lady reindeer so I could say she is having a baby and Rudolph had to rush back to lapland - taking her present with him. FC will shall pop it in next week.

I'm going to do some oats and glitter through the hall with wellie boot prints in it and the letter pinned to her bedroom door.

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