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What size is your turkey, and should I buy dd a junior slide?

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worm77daisy Sun 19-Dec-10 21:19:56

Sorry for mish mash thread, I have been so organised this year everything wrapped loads made and in the freezer etc etc.

But now I am having a panic:

we have 8 for Christmas lunch and I have ordered a 12lb turkey, I am having ALOT of vegetables and two stuffings pigs in blankets, do you think it is big enough? What size for how many have you got?

Also we have bought our nearly 2 year old a wendy house thing called puppy lane cottage for Christmas. She is however currently really really into slides. I have seen that Argos do one for £25, is it pants am I just wanting to panic buy?!

I am the kind of person that always has to worry about something and I know that there are plenty of other things I could be spending this energy on.

Waswondering Sun 19-Dec-10 21:21:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worm77daisy Mon 20-Dec-10 04:03:52

Thank you Wondering

Re the turkey I had read another thread and the OP had a 16lb turkey for 8 so I was

DD is 2 in Feb so I will not start spending money now for the sake of it.

worm77daisy Mon 20-Dec-10 04:04:56

Ooh don't know what happened there confused

lazydog Mon 20-Dec-10 04:14:35

A 12lb turkey for 4 of us, and DS2 (7yrs) eats very little.

Oh well, more for me! grin

Sounds like you've already got your DD a great Christmas present - you know she doesn't need a slide too, really, don't you? smile

LunarSeasonsGreetings Mon 20-Dec-10 06:52:05

Our turkey is a 4kg (about 9lb) goose! Will easily serve 4 adults and 2 kids with some over - and get loads of goose fat off it which is fab for doing roast potatoes afterwards.

Waswondering Mon 20-Dec-10 07:55:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Mon 20-Dec-10 07:56:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wangle99 Tue 21-Dec-10 07:26:29

I have got a 10lb Turkey for 5 adults and one child and the butcher said that should be plenty.

I'd say go for the slide but then I'm hopeless when it comes to being restrained lol

BlathIceSkate Tue 21-Dec-10 07:48:21

No idea on the turkey, we're having a chicken if we get stuck at home, picked on the basis that Tesco only do 1 size of free range chicken in our store angry But hopefully, the weather with clear up a little and we'll make it to my Mum's house.

I'd vote for saving the slide for a Birthday present. She can't play on it in this weather anyway and how frustrating would it be to have a slide she's excited about using and can't! Unless you want it up in the lounge for weeks that is grin

We bought this one for DS's first birthday. It's fab. Small enough for a 2 year old to enjoy (with supervision) but big enough to last. He's almost 4 now and can still slide on it rather than having his feet touch the bottom while he's sat at the top which would have been the case with a smaller slide.

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