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fishy/veggie/bready recipes?

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EdgarAleNPie Fri 17-Dec-10 17:55:12

suggestions for tempting nibbles and succulent side dishes?

BelligerentYhoULE Fri 17-Dec-10 19:00:44

You need to be more specific!

I don't like 'nibbles' as such (veggie) but I never so no to salted almonds or smoked almonds, or to those salted dried soya bean thingies from M&S.

panettoinydog Fri 17-Dec-10 19:13:42

Don;t like nibbles? Well I never.

One of the nicest nibbly thing I made was recommended by a mnetter. You marinade some cubes of feta in oil, little lemon juice (I think) and mint. Then you thread the cubes onto sticks with a cube of galia melon and a black olive. The copmbination of flavours was right up my street.

BelligerentYhoULE Fri 17-Dec-10 19:36:30

See, I'd like that without the stick ie: on a plate and called a salad!

panettoinydog Fri 17-Dec-10 20:41:33

I'm a bit of a small-time grazer, especially at schritmas. The stick makes it Special.

BelligerentYhoULE Fri 17-Dec-10 21:03:20

Have you tried Nigella's feta and watermelon salad? it's gorgeous - and not a stick in sight!

panettoinydog Fri 17-Dec-10 21:08:15

no but then I have a strong dislike of nige. I might squnit sideways at it to see if I'd like it

EdgarAleNPie Sat 18-Dec-10 16:56:33

hmm...melon, olive feta, well i never!

might make a nice refresher before the ravaging onslaught of meat my husband has planned.

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