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Anyone else had problems ordering online from HMV?

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sum04 Thu 16-Dec-10 20:59:33

I placed an order online with HMV and was told elivery would take 2-5 days.
They sent me a tracking number and for the last 3 days all it says is no events have been recorded for this UPI. Please try again later.
Should i be worried, or just hold in there?

FingonTheValiantReindeer Thu 16-Dec-10 21:03:55

Delivery is a bit slow for everyone at the moment. My order from them took a week! Just keep an eye on it. If you're really worried you could email tomorrow to be sure. But I think it's probably the usual pre-christmas slowness.

sum04 Thu 16-Dec-10 21:44:46

Your probably right.. I just don't know why the tracking is saying that no events have been recorded if it has been delivered?

mmmmmchocolate Thu 16-Dec-10 22:16:02

DP ordered some items from HMV a few weeks ago and they took 2 weeks to arrive (usually take a few days) This was just after all of the snow. He also waited a long time for Items from Gamestation to turn up. Both are based in Guernsey (sp?) so there could be a go slow through customs or Royal Mail being slow as ever...

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