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Flojo1979 Thu 16-Dec-10 12:04:43

Really random one here but i'm hoping someone just might have it!
I'm looking for a compilation album for my 5 yr old, who loves 2 songs that i havent got!
Alexandra Burkes Bad Boys & Blackeyed Peas I gotta feeling.
I've checked out the Now albums, r there any others that the 2 of them r likely to be on together?

KathH Thu 16-Dec-10 12:26:49

Have you tried the Pop Party CD? I'm not sure which number tho.

Flojo1979 Thu 16-Dec-10 12:51:27

Hi, thanx, had a look but not got both on

abgirl Thu 16-Dec-10 13:04:33

here may be dance mixes though?


Flojo1979 Fri 17-Dec-10 12:53:29

Thanx abgirl, perfect!! I cant say thankyou enough, i searched for hours!!

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