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What to buy a 3 month old?

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pongonperdy Thu 16-Dec-10 11:56:03

Cant really remember what my two actually played with at that age if anything. Trying to think of what to buy my nephew for christmas. Dont want something tnat is way too old for him at the moment.

Any suggestions?

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Thu 16-Dec-10 11:59:17

I read this as WANT to buy a 3 month old!!!

cloth feely books that can be chewed sicked on and washed easily! or bath toys, for in a little while

winnybella Thu 16-Dec-10 12:01:59


arudolf Thu 16-Dec-10 12:02:59

the 'that's not my' books are good gifts. we got DS a doorway bouncer, which he adored, although they are more for 5-8 months old I suppose.

Also, the childminder has these at her house, and says although they are for 1 yr and up, she has yet to meet a baby who doesn't adore them - and she has 6 month olds up to 4 year olds at the moment, who all love them. we've got DS his own set for xmas grin

seeker Thu 16-Dec-10 12:03:32

Something delicious for mum and dad. 3 month olds don't need presents!

MrsPickles Thu 16-Dec-10 12:04:45

Whoozit toys
Jellycat books
Taggie blanket
My 3 month old's favourite toy was but its out of stock at john lewis - similar on their website though

daisyj Thu 16-Dec-10 12:06:45

I'll second cloth books - apart from her playmat, that was the only thing dd was really interested in at that age - she loved them. This was her favourite dp/0794514286

MrsPickles Thu 16-Dec-10 12:12:30


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