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So what are you putting in your dcs stockings?

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wonderstuff Wed 15-Dec-10 21:26:22

Need some inspiration. DD is 3 - so far I've got socks, colouring pencils, stickers, sketch book, orange, apple, chocolate coins..bit dull.


thereisthesnowball Wed 15-Dec-10 22:07:23

My 3 yr old DD is getting:

A pack of pants
Some choc coins
A pink nail varnish
Some stickers
A pink lipgloss (free off a magazine, confiscated and found again tonight)
Some plasters with cartoon animals on
A block of white cards for drawing on
Some new hair bands
A fairy princess figurine to replace hers which broke
A sparkly mirror (given by her gran)
Some felt tips
A bracelet and necklace set
An apple (won't eat clementines)

Reading that back it does sound very girly - none of her other presents are so maybe that's why. Much of it is stuff she needed anyway so I wrapped it.

StinkyMcPongBreath Wed 15-Dec-10 22:16:20

Socks, choc coins, felt tips, books, board game, vests, facepaint.

wonderstuff Wed 15-Dec-10 22:18:58

Oohh hairbands, excellent..

MamaVoo Wed 15-Dec-10 22:19:53

So far for 3yo DS I have:

Chocolate money
A little Disney Cars mug with sweets in
Monkey toy (free with the PG Tips)
Dinosaur cookie cutters

I'm looking for some Christmas socks and hopefully will pop into Hawkins Bazaar to get a couple of little toys and that should do it.

KangarooCaught Wed 15-Dec-10 22:23:32

Some of what's been already mentioned, plus:

A mini cereal box, the unhealithier the better, since they eat worthy breakfasts all year round.

New toothbrush

Pants and socks

BikeRunSki Wed 15-Dec-10 22:23:56

DS is 2.3. He is getting:

Dizzy toy (from Bob the Builder)
JCB board books
DVD of kids singing nursery rhymes.
Might get him a Peppa magazine
Individual carton of apple juice (really. I'm not tight he LOVES these)
Socks sounds like a good idea.

Granny is getting all sorts of sweetie crap for her grandchildren, 18.5-2.3, all under one roof for first time ever.

nancy75 Wed 15-Dec-10 22:26:52

dd is 5 and her stocking just has chocolate, things like the smarties penguin, lint reindeer ect - i don't let her eat it all at once and i have more than enough little bits of plastic toot in the house without buying more for her stocking!

KeepCalmAndHaveAnotherMincePie Wed 15-Dec-10 22:36:56

2.5 year old DS is getting a book, toothbrush, socks, thomas the tank engine for his train set, choc coins, mini drawing pad with pencils, mini felt (or magnetic?) thomas the tank engine tin, gruffalo pencils, chalk (for the easel his GPs are getting him) and he'll definitely get a clementine. Even though he doesn't like them!

Clary Thu 16-Dec-10 00:33:54

All of mine get diary, lolly, giant choc coin, selection box, toothbrush, shampoo;

DS1 (11) also has box of jokes, Origami set, bath bubbles, calendar shampoo, wind-up torch, slippers.

DD (9), Lego Jester set and keyring (about the only thing she has asked for this year!), calendar, a couple of Indian jewellery bits from a friend, couple of Brownie gifts.

DS2 (7) has sports card game, posh soap, boxer pants, rubbers in shape of football boots, DVD of his footie team. Hmm I think he may need something else.

Cartoon plasters are good.

Clary Thu 16-Dec-10 00:35:17

Sorry I see that mine are all a lot older than yours OP.

Not so helpful. And maybe blush that they still buy FC? actually not sure this year is any of them do but they are all keeping schtumm.

muminthecity Thu 16-Dec-10 00:38:44

DD (5) is getting a colouring book, felt tips, highlighters (her favourite things in the world hmm), some mermaid figurines, socks, knickers and a chocolate Santa.

Breezy1985 Thu 16-Dec-10 00:42:17

Mine have

Vests, pants, choc coins, selection box, bubble bath, jelli bath, bath paints, dvd's, nail varnish, lot's and lot's of craft stuff, new outfit for xmas day, sticker sets and books and little cars.

frazzled74 Thu 16-Dec-10 00:46:33

choc coins
rubber/pencil sharpener
plastic dinosaur/fairywand
hot wheels car/hello kitty bracelet
choc santa lollipop
beanie dalmation

CaptainNancy Thu 16-Dec-10 00:48:42

Mine (22mo and 4) are having:
a doll
lindt reindeer
expandable flannel
duplo/playmobil minifigs
fun stencil

Nosnowplease Thu 16-Dec-10 01:14:25

Some of what's been mentioned plus

Magnifying glass from elc
Write on wipe off letter thing from John Lewis
Big robot eraser
Little car
Paint roller thingies elc
Tape measure kiddies
Dressing up outfit

thereisthesnowball Thu 16-Dec-10 07:57:17

Ooh bubble bath - good idea!

NorthernLurker Thu 16-Dec-10 07:59:15

I've got a spotty mug for my three year old. Also disney princess cutlery from the pound shop grin

jumpyjan Thu 16-Dec-10 08:16:56

I have got DD (3 nearly 4):

Miss Matey bubble bath
Disney princess flannel
Disney princess CD
Snakes and Ladders board game
Ballet hairbands/clips
Choc Coins
Little book on ballet (80p in Debenhams!)

DS (18 months) is getting:

Sailor Matey bubble bath
Mickey Mouse flannel
Plastic dinasour figure
Hairbrush with his name & trains on it (ebay shop)
Farmyard animal book
Choc Coins
Wiggles CD
Crayola paint stamper thingies
Colouring book

TheChewyToffeeMum Thu 16-Dec-10 08:18:03

My kids, DD(4) and DS(2), are both getting:
choc coins,
bag sweeties
flashing toothbrush
santa lollipop

Doesn't seem like much but i am trying to limit the amount of small, irritating plastic toys that come into the house.

thereisthesnowball Thu 16-Dec-10 08:19:06

Another one I've just thought of: leave-in conditioner. I keep meaning to get some for DD as she hates having her hair washed.

umiaisha Thu 16-Dec-10 09:16:58

DD (4) has got:

Disney princess cup cake making mix
Rag doll (made by me)
A soft monkey (present at OH's work's xmas party)
Lush bath bomb
Glittery cat mask
Trinket box
Key ring

Still need to get some smarties and some hair accessories.

KnowNothing Thu 16-Dec-10 09:22:41

Mines mostly dull too:

Chocolate coins
Miss Matey/Mr Matey
3d book
socks, pants, vest
toothbrush & paste
felt tips
Dangermouse DVD/Other cheapo DVD
Expanding flannel
And a flashing space gun each grin

Lancelottie Thu 16-Dec-10 09:26:38

DS is getting
Cat book
Bubble bath
...and a bag of resistors, diodes, twiddly knobs and a soldering iron. But he's 14.

BirdyBedtime Thu 16-Dec-10 09:27:59

DD (5.6) is getting

Purse (for lunch money)
Slipper socks
Toy Story 3 DVD
Bell for her bike
Rainbow Fairy annual

DS (23 months) is getting

Dumbo DVD
Mug with his name on it
Farmyard Tales mini book
Mini Thomas train that is made from duplo so can be taken apart and rebuilt
Little wooden plane

I've never put chocolate in DCs stockings as they get loads from other people and last year we were still eating Xmas chocolate come Easter (we are very mean and ration chocolate!) I tend to try and ensure that some of the things that go onto the Santa list are small enough to fit in a stocking (eg the DVDs and hairbands) so other than these things they only get one other, bigger, thing from Santa (DD is getting a swing for her dolls and DS a Farm set)

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