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The latent memory of LED fairy lights

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GoodKingSlubbersArseFellOut Wed 15-Dec-10 16:22:46

Who else does this of an evening?

switch on at plug
find little green box
depress button repeatedly
move through fade,slow twinkle, quick twinkle, on-off on-off, vegas spactacular etc until at the end you get to static.

one day you switch them on at the plug and they just turn on at static, no button depressing required

back onto random.

Why is this? How can this be? How can they remember some days but mostly just be annoying?

healthyElfy Wed 15-Dec-10 19:48:48


do you have mice that play with them in the night? <goes to check lights>

GoodKingSlubbersArseFellOut Wed 15-Dec-10 20:32:11

No mice (I hope).

It is so odd. If I had to press the button every time I switched them on I'd understand.

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