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anyone know where i can get a cheaper one of these from

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roastedfox Wed 15-Dec-10 16:14:23

thanx smile,default,pd .html

roastedfox Wed 15-Dec-10 18:23:09


gillybean2 Wed 15-Dec-10 19:34:53

Tbh I think that price is pretty reasonable and at least you know it is child friendly.

And are you asking for that specific kit cheaper, or any similar kit that is cheaper? And if the latter is it for a child specifically or are you not bothered about that?

roastedfox Wed 15-Dec-10 19:45:57

just a similar thing really. i thought it was quite pricey but then i could be wrong as i haven't seen any others. its for a 3 & 4yr old so child friendly.

Adair Wed 15-Dec-10 19:54:21

hole punches are quite expensive

We have lots of punches but tbh even I struggle to push them down, so I guess you are better off with a child-friendly one. Kit looks good!

roastedfox Wed 15-Dec-10 20:00:34

thanx smile

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