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Help please - where to buy Beswick figurines in London?

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Kalypso Tue 14-Dec-10 21:54:13

Does anybody know of a good china shop in London which stocks Beswick figurines?

FIL has suddenly decided that he really wants to buy one for my MIL (an owl one, to be specific).

He initially asked my SIL for help, but as she lives out in the sticks, she's enlisted our help with this.

I know these things can be ordered on Amazon, but delivery is no longer guaranteed before Christmas. Since we live in London, there must be somewhere I can go?

SIL has checked websites (e.g Harrods, Debenhams etc), but they're not very helpful. I know I could spend tomorrow morning phoning around London stores, which I will do if necessary, but thought I would ask here first in case anybody knows offhand.

So....can anybody help? I will be hugely grateful!

Kalypso Wed 15-Dec-10 11:24:40


I suppose these things aren't to everybody's taste (definitely not mine!) grin

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