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Christmas fatigue already...

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wildbillhickok Tue 14-Dec-10 17:36:32

Ever since I became responsible for buying all the presents for DC/family/large extended in law network/friends I always get to the point where


if I have to think of another tasteful thoughtful gift that matches the budget and is just right not too ostentatious and not too stingy and is the right colour or flavour or not a repeat of last year....


I used to like Christmas but now I just feel a horrible little stressed nausea feeling in the pit of my stomach.

wildbillhickok Tue 14-Dec-10 18:28:28

And to top it off, they were clearing away the Christmas decorations bit in Homebase already, getting ready for new displays of outdoor furniture and barbecues WTF? It's only the 14th!

I thought it was bad the year before last when I saw them dismantling the foyer tree in Tesco at 3pm on Christmas Eve FGS before Christmas had even officially started. Really deflating to see that it was.

<feels self going off in complete anti-commercialism rant.

Cyb Tue 14-Dec-10 18:31:55

wild-simple-stop doing it

Say to all 'we are not buying next year and dont wish to receive'

I bet there will be a collective sigh of relief

Why cant your H buy for his family

wildbillhickok Tue 14-Dec-10 19:24:20

Cyb - tried that last year, we said we would donate the money we usually spend to charity and wish not to receive any gifts on our part. MIL took great umbrage. DHs sister got married to someone jaw droppingly wealthy last year (castles, yachts etc) and apparently to suddenly change the routine might offend them and make them feel uncomfortable because they are multi millionaires and the rest of the family aren't hmm

Well yes DH could do it and has offered but he is not a gift shopper at all its a bit embarrassing when they all open their gifts and everyone has the exact same thing, it sort of reflects on me that I couldn't be bothered to shop IYSWIM.

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