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Planning Christmas around the snow

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timetomove Tue 14-Dec-10 17:14:46

We are due to spend Christmas with family in Scotland. We are booked on a flight relatively late on Christmas Eve.

I was planning to order some of the DCs' presents on-line to be delivered direct to our relatives' house to make the logistics a bit easier.

Given the weather forecast, I guess there is some risk that we will not make it there (airport closed etc, or roads too bad at the other end).

Assuming by this time next week the weather is still looking bad, how far would you go in planning around the risk of not making it there? e.g. should I change my plans about getting some presents delivered directly (and pay for an extra piece of luggage), and order in CHristmas food to have at home just in case (flight is sufficently late on CHristmas Eve that if it is cancelled at the last minute the shops may be closed).

Kids are 5 and 7, so very much at the magical christmas age. I would hate to find ourselves at home on Christmas Day with no turkey and no pressies for the kids (apart form the small stocking items).

SleepingLion Tue 14-Dec-10 17:16:33

Just bear in mind that if you decide to have presents delivered to the place you are going in Scotland, lots of companies have suspended their deliveries in Scotland so do check before you order.

SleepingLion Tue 14-Dec-10 17:18:08

If I were you I would stock the freezer with all the goodies you can for Christmas - frozen everything including Aunt Bessie's roast potatoes grin

That way, it's all there just in case but doesn't go to waste if you do make it to Scotland.

GypsyMoth Tue 14-Dec-10 17:18:54

i would rearrange christmas and stay at home. its not looking good weatherwise

crazygracieuk Tue 14-Dec-10 17:45:34

I'm in the same boat except that we are driving. I'm sending half of the pressies by courier and half will be waiting at home. That way if we don't go there will still be pressies on the day and they can have the other half at a later date and if we do go then they end up with gifts at both houses. I will take the valuable gifts with me but the kids haven't asked for expensive stuff so I am willing to risk it being sent.

Does anyone know of good weather sites to check? I know that you can see done traffic cameras online but like to be prepared. We have an iPhone and TomTom- can these be used somehow??

mamsnet Tue 14-Dec-10 18:11:31

In a similar boat.. really nervous over it.. Kids will be so upset if we can't make it. sad

Have you been preparing your kids?

taffetazatyousantaclaus Tue 14-Dec-10 18:44:54

I would get a chicken in the freezer, whihc is plenty for 4 of you, a small bag of sprouts, some potatoes and a couple of parsnips, plus mince pies/yule log/Quality Street.

There's a thread in Christmas atm saying that many companies aren't taking orders for deliveries to Scotland, so I'd be careful who you order from. Howe much is the cost of an extra piece of luggage? I think it may be the better/safer option to get them delivered to your home.

Good luck.

timetomove Tue 14-Dec-10 19:23:00

I have not really prepared the kids yet because I don't think they will be too disappointed to be at home (so long as there is food and pressies)- we had hoped to spend every christmas at home while the kids are at the believing age (happy to travel after that), but this year we have a new nephew and ill relative up in Scotland so it seemed a bit wrong to stick to our preference this year. DCs will be most disappointed not to meet their new cousin, but we can head up when the weather picks up. My parents will be more dissapointed, so it is more them that I have to prepare!

PILs are in the other direction (2 hour drive) so it may be we can travel to theirs or get them to come to ours if things are not so bad down South (we are in London) so it feels a bit more festive.

So plan of action is:-

1. give up on the idea of getting presents delivered to Scotland (not so much worried about the cost of extra baggage, altohugh I admit i did mention that, more increased risk of kids noseying in suitcases or even suitcases getting lost or delayed (alas I have experience of this).

2. Maybe still get relatives' presents delivered direct if that is possible.

3. Either stock up on some food or find out which of our friends are staying in London with overlarge turkeys who would be happy to add us at the last minute.

4. Once the snow actually starts, prepare my parents (and the kids).

How does that sound?

coffeekaren Tue 14-Dec-10 21:07:26

Hi I think your plan sounds great and i agree don't send presents direct and prepare for the worst. Last christmas due to fly on saturday before christmas - delayed all day and then cancelled eventually got flight on monday 22nd i think - only on the way back to be stuck (literally) in inverness for 3 days over new years eve. - no way back to parents who we were staying with - hell, hell. This year staying in london but still feel the stress of it all - parcel sent home yesterday to dps and hopfully will get there. Good luck and i think the bigger airports are better at opening quicker - inverness think was closed for 4 days in the end - 4 days of saying they will open in 2 hrs time hmm (where you clearly saw snow drifts and men walking about in huge snow suits shaking thier head and not a plane on the runway) oh and hate easyjet - see i get ranting everytime and it has been nearly a year. Oh all of this with a 3 and 7 ds - and dp who thought it was all smashing fun.

good luck and also word of advice try not and keep checking both airline and weather forcast and airport websites - it adds to the stress start to look around next wednesday when you have all your plan bs in place.

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