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Christmas cards - should I write them?

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dinosaurinmybelly Mon 13-Dec-10 17:54:50

Hello - does anyone have a good idea for an alternative to Christmas cards. I wrote 85 last year and i like to take the time to write something personal inside otherwise what is the point? So it takes a long time and with 3 little ones to look after I felt bad sitting writing them during the day with them or in the evening when DH was home from work after a long day.

I wouldn't mind if there were actually some nice cards around or if i could access a charity card that really gave something back. I thought this I might take a nice Christmas photo of us and send an email, message out early enough so that people knew it was a deliberate move against writing the cards. Now that it comes down to it though, this seems so naff and I can't think of the right wording to not appear lazy or scrooge like. I embrace Christmas and genuinely want to send warm wishes to everyone. How should i do it?

All ideas very welcome!

MrsCurly Mon 13-Dec-10 18:07:02

I would do two things.

(1) Get a nice photo of your three kids printed out;

(2) pare your list down so you re only writing to people you don't see often.

Then just sign your names but bung the photo in for the personal touch.

I agree with you about receiving cards with just the signature. Often its from people I haven';t eard from since last Xmas and I'd really like to know how they are. It makes the whole business utterly pointless.

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