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Is this netbook anygood?

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allluckedout Sun 12-Dec-10 17:31:15

Bearing in mind this is my maximum budget is this netbook anygood? I have been told to get one with windows 7 on it and wifi other than that I'm clueless.

this one

I am buying two one for my 9 year old son and one for my 13 year old son. The 9 yr d it's mainly for playing club penguin Lego and moshi monsters with maybe a small amount of research for homework projects for my 13 year old it's for homework ( most of his homework needs to be submitted by emAil and in a word document format) and facebook and Internet browsing.


SantasKnickersOnMyHead Sun 12-Dec-10 17:33:20

You don't need windows 7 on it. You can get a cheap notebook from pc world with vista on from around £150 now.

allluckedout Sun 12-Dec-10 17:38:53

Thanks. We have vista on main home pc so did wonder why it had to be 7

SantasKnickersOnMyHead Sun 12-Dec-10 17:43:01

Also, think it is better to buy instore rather than online as I got mine for £180 in store a few months back.

allluckedout Sun 12-Dec-10 17:56:19

I've just spent all day in town and this is the last thing I need to buy so was hoping for an Internet bargain but I think you might be right about going into store. Thanks

goodmanners Sun 12-Dec-10 18:48:18

this one is the one i have so slightly larger than a netbook but more giggamathingys, i love it and i got it from carphonewarehouse though cant see it there online.

NetworkGuy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:05:56

On another thread I posted about a Netbook...

On Friday, in Asda Living, I saw an HP 10" screen notebook, named " Mini 110-3102 " at 237 pounds.

It is a Windows 7 system with cut down versions of MS Word and MS Excel (MS Office Starter 2010), so for your elder son, it should be fine.

PS If Asda has sold out, Carphone Warehouse has the HP Mini 110 at 239 (worth asking about the Microsoft Office software in either store to check it is not just a 90 day demo copy).

I don't have this model but feel it might be of interest.

NetworkGuy Sun 12-Dec-10 19:07:35

It is probably worth getting Windows 7 - after all it will be up-to-date where older versions of Windows will slowly be left behind when it comes to new software.

If you decide to upgrade in 2 to 3 years, a Win 7 notebook will also have a better resale value than Vista, too.

allluckedout Sun 12-Dec-10 21:20:53

Thank you all very helpful

christmaswishes Mon 13-Dec-10 03:55:22

Hi I purchased a samsung netbook a few months ago. I Sent it back. I really don't like the netbooks at all. For not much more you could get laptops. Much better bet and not a waste of money! The screens on netbooks are just too small and they get so hot. I think I got eyestrain from looking at the small screen. There might be some good deals on laptops now or after christmas. The netbook was also really slow x

christmaswishes Mon 13-Dec-10 03:55:22

Hi I purchased a samsung netbook a few months ago. I Sent it back. I really don't like the netbooks at all. For not much more you could get laptops. Much better bet and not a waste of money! The screens on netbooks are just too small and they get so hot. I think I got eyestrain from looking at the small screen. There might be some good deals on laptops now or after christmas. The netbook was also really slow x

NetworkGuy Mon 13-Dec-10 09:26:00

Notebooks are that bit cheaper, generally, though, and may be considered more 'trendy' by youngsters (and more manageable if they need to be taken to/from school).

Personally, must admit I prefer a larger screen, too, and full size USB keyboards plugged in (and recommend them for anyone concerned about spilt drinks, crumbs from biscuits, etc) so as to move the built-in keyboard from any 'danger zone'.

There have been a number of accidental spills reported in geeky_stuff and while sometimes it is only the keyboard (50 pound to 75 for replacement, plus labour costs) a liquid going in there can wipe out the whole machine, or severely damage other significant parts... battery 30 to 70 pounds, hard drives (lost everything including Windows if it happens).

Of course separate keyboard and mouse don't guarantee the machine is immune from cat pee, coffee or wine (adults!) but may mean the machine can be away from the edge of a table, or for a teenager, depending on how wide the lid opens, placed open nearer the back of a desk - safer from falling on the floor...

Or at some angle - remember those old wooden book holders for someone lying in bed, which could hold a laptop or netbook at 45 degrees, safe from a cat sitting on the keyboard [nice warm area!]

Full size keyboards have some appeal as they can be better used for touch typing practice, and the number pad being separate takes away the need for 3 or more functions on specific keys. (For me it is the fact nearly every laptop has cursor and other keys in different places, so backspace/delete get moved depending on manufacturer...

Try using 3 or 4 different makes / sizes of laptop/netbook and they get awkward to use at any speed. Plug in a 'standard' multimedia keyboard and I have volume controls, next/previous track, mute, up/down/left/right keys plus numbers in standard places, and the sleep key too.

allluckedout Mon 13-Dec-10 12:40:26

The boys specifically have asked for netbooks, they use them at school. Laptops especially for ds1 who will be taking it to school are too unwieldy. They also as far as i can see will cost at least £100 more than my maximum budget of £250 each.
We do have a dell studio 17inch laptop, a MAC air book and a PC at home but due to working from home and traffic flow the boys (well mainly my 13yr old) have asked to have his own netbook so he can do his work and not worry about his 4 yr old sister accidently wiping it or his 8 yr old brother, plus teenagers and facebook, seem to have replaced text messaging and would rather he was on the 10" screen than his iphone all evening long when hes not out.
I have seen a packard bell in pc world for £239 from £349 that looks good and had good reviews so off to look and try and negotiate a disocunt(but not holding my breath)

NetworkGuy Mon 13-Dec-10 12:55:09

Max discount I was offered (spending 3000+ some time ago was 2.5% in PC World, where Dixons (store, remember them!) part of DSG also, gave me 5% discount, for the same 8 PCs. Guess overheads/ commissions payments are higher in PC World business stores on these large sales 'parks' with warehouse size stores.

Lucky son to have an iPhone but can see point of 10" screen for portability and since that's what they have asked for...

Incidentally, in a 'clear the shelves' sale, Asda Living sold me two Compaq 15.6" Windows 7 laptops (2 GB RAM, 160 GB HD, DVD-RW) at 247 in February, so sometimes laptops can be similar to netbooks/notebooks in price.

I would still recommend some USB keyboards for protection against drink spills on a sleepover etc.

allluckedout Mon 13-Dec-10 13:02:37

i brought a jelly roll up keyboard for them yesterday.
ds's iphone is my old work one, we got new iphone 4's on works new contract, and were allowed to keep the old ones so hes got a payg sim in it and insurance!!
I looked in my local asda this morning and they don;t have any laptops or netbooks in store and could only direct me to the online store. Will check out tescos etc. but at the end of the day a 2.5% discount is still a discount. we have currys and pc world almost next door to each other so could ask in both? i know i could probably pick up some better bargains after christmas, but the 8yr old still beleives father christmas is bringing his presents and the 13yr old would understand but still its nice to have the present to open on christmas morning.

allluckedout Mon 13-Dec-10 13:03:09

oh and thank you network guy, some invaluable advice.

allluckedout Mon 13-Dec-10 14:28:53

network guy, if you do check back, i have found these two, i am off to pc world tomorrow but was wondering which of the two you would go for, one is a laptop but still reasonably small at 13"

thanks 7857706-pdt.html 0-pdt.html

NetworkGuy Mon 13-Dec-10 14:35:17

Ah, had been meaning to get some roll-up keyboards from Ebay, but then found I could get a couple of illuminated USB multimedia keyboards cheap from so can type easily in the dark with minimal lighting on... Will need some more in future as I will be adding another 4 PCs once I shift the wardrobe out

Currys + PC World + Dixons (online only now) are all bits of DSG (Dixons Stores Group) so sometimes the prices are identical (as per TV ads for Currys / PC World products). Might be worth checking Comet as well as the DSG stores. (Yes, worth asking in both DSG stores - bet they hate fact they are so close as one of them could be given the chop in the long run.)

The big Asda superstore we have has few electricals and only their own mobiles, but Asda Living (separate part of town, fills what had been 2 or 3 big stores before) is the place where I found laptops and they have larger range of mobiles, mobile broadband etc, on two floors.

Our Tesco added a second floor to then fill it with electronics: TVs, PCs, etc. Too far away from the other stores so hardly ever pop in there these days.

Agree with possibility of bargains after but find it worth looking in the Argos windows (any time of year) as they have Manager's Specials at sometimes under 40% of original prices...

NetworkGuy Mon 13-Dec-10 14:56:57

just looking at them now

NetworkGuy Mon 13-Dec-10 15:16:52

I'd go for the Packard Bell. Larger hard drive, longer battery life, faster CPU, better quality webcam built in (1.3 MP vs VGA), and weighs a bit less (understandably as it is smaller).

Software... Office 2010 Starter Pack (cut down versions of Excel and Word)

NB MS Works 9 SE is "Sponsored Edition" which means it could carry adverts (UK is one of the countries where Microsoft is doing this version, they charge the PC maker nothing to add it).

Like Norton 60 day trial, I'd happily suggest uninstalling Works 9 SE if it ever pops up with any adverts, unexpectedly. Should be easy enough to uninstall MS Works, hope equally easy to get rid of Norton (though some of their more recent security software [since 2006 or so] has been awkward at times).

May be worth installing Open Office for more features if the 2010 cut-down Word/ Excel software doesn't do what you want (and you can use OpenOffice on other PCs too, for free - not sure about your Apple Macbook Air).

Oddly I found I could not see the Packard Bell website with Firefox 3.0.5 - something odd no doubt on my laptop). Was going to double check the USB ports are v2.0 not v1.1 as v2.0 is needed for some external hard drives (for making backups) and makes file transfers much much faster than v1.1

Something to ask before you buy "Are the USB ports version 2 or 1.1 ?" check Wiki if you want to get technical details but speed I think is 40 times faster on v2 USB ports

allluckedout Mon 13-Dec-10 18:19:36

Thank you ng I feel so much more prepared to go in store and ask now. The mac is dh's but he's just a label snob and not a techy person he likes to think he knows but we often end up with a product that doesn't do what we want it to do!
Thank you for taking the time to check them out for me.

DoNotWantAnotherMincePie Mon 13-Dec-10 19:14:17


I dont know too much about computers but my son who is at Uni doing computers has asked for this one for Xmas to take to lectures for note taking ery-Windows/dp/B0046XS4X2/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&i e=UTF8&qid=1292267480&sr=1-2

apparently he like that it was dual core

NetworkGuy Mon 13-Dec-10 19:42:03

A dual core machine should run faster, and will possibly be stretched a bit more by your son on an IT course than by a (young) teenager, but perhaps (if you can find one in a similar price bracket) a machine with 2 GB of RAM may be a touch faster as more applications could be running at once.

A lot depends on the type of things someone will use a laptop / notebook for, and also their budget. The Aspire at Amazon seems pretty good value too, and as it is dual core, ideal for your son, DNWAMP.

(Thinking back, if only there wee computers like these when I was young... was in late teens when the Commodore PET came out (green and black mono screen) and the BBC micro, Dragon, and Apple ][ came out when in my early 20s, with Apple Mac (original with tiny screen) following on from IBM PC and IBM PC AT in the mid/late 80s.)

DoNotWantAnotherMincePie Mon 13-Dec-10 20:15:17

lol The BBc had just come out when I was at school. My son just needs the note book for taking to Uni and MSN/FB when he is home from Uni - instead of dragging the all singing all dancing PC he built back from Uni each time. (plus I couldn't think of anything else to get him!)

I did a fair bit of research and the Acer did seem good value for the money.

The other option is to give them the money and take them out on Boxing day in the sales!

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