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The in laws are coming for Christmas day breakfast. Ideas needed please

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jimblejambles Sun 12-Dec-10 16:33:07

The in laws told dh yesterday they are coming round at 8am Christmas morning to be with our 2 boys when they open their presents.

I want to make something nice for breakfast that won't take too long but will look like I have made an effort iyswim.

Any ideas please? The best I have come up with is croissant, coffee and orange juice

LaurieFairyonthetreeEatsCake Sun 12-Dec-10 16:33:53

bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese

takes five minutes - tastes great

overmydeadbody Sun 12-Dec-10 16:39:42

croissants, pan au chocolat, fruit salad, coffee, tea.

Or, our favourite special breakfast: croissants served with scrambled eggs and maple syrup. Lush.

scrappydappydoo Sun 12-Dec-10 16:41:01

croissants and pain au chocolat/pastries.. just heat up in oven and serve buffet style with posh jams.

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Sun 12-Dec-10 16:41:41

American style pancakes (you can get them ready made), bacon and maple syrup?

ArentFanny Sun 12-Dec-10 16:41:57

french toast made with brioche and pancetta

jimblejambles Sun 12-Dec-10 16:42:30

Excellent thank you lots of ideas there

Medee Sun 12-Dec-10 16:42:51

second the bagles w/ smoked salmon and cream cheese, with bucks fizz - that's been our Christmas breakfast for several years now.

Medee Sun 12-Dec-10 16:43:05

gah, bagels!

JetLi Sun 12-Dec-10 16:46:00

Have you an Asda nearby? In their frozen foods section, they have all-butter frozen croissants, pain au raisin & pain au chocolat and they're very nice indeed.

mjinsparklystockings Sun 12-Dec-10 16:47:35

Message withdrawn

brokeoven Sun 12-Dec-10 16:48:20

Ahhh go on, do a huge fry up or at least bacon butties on that bread you have to cut yourself...tiger bread and proper butter mmmmm bloody loovly (im from oop North, we love a bacon butty up heregrin)

storminabuttercup Mon 13-Dec-10 09:22:40

you could cook bacon in the oven too on a big baking tray, it takes about 15 mins on a medium oven so you arent stood watching the grill or pan, do it on tin foil so you dont have a nasty tray to wash then on lovely thick bread..mmm

(also from oooop north!)

Bonsoir Mon 13-Dec-10 09:23:36


CherryTheRedNosedMonster Mon 13-Dec-10 09:27:03

we have scrambled duck eggs on toast made from posh bread, with croissants and pain au chocolat. orange juice and posh coffee for drinks, and english breakfast tea for the tea drinkers

crumpet Mon 13-Dec-10 09:27:50

Scrambled egg with smoked salmon?

crumpet Mon 13-Dec-10 09:27:51

Scrambled egg with smoked salmon?

taffetazatyousantaclaus Mon 13-Dec-10 14:20:31

Every year since I was a child, I've had/done boiled eggs with soldiers. No more! Am fed up of getting everyone to the table on time, timing it right etc. Thats the problem with eggs.....

This year, it will be a big platter. One with toasted muffins, toasted panettone, and pain au chocolat ( pre frozen ).

Just made some passion fruit curd to go with. Some BM jams. Also, yearly jar of Nutella just ordered. grin

Good coffee and juices.

If anyone is hungry after, have some homemade Christmassy cinnamony granola.

merrycompo Mon 13-Dec-10 14:22:03

Gawd if someone told me they were coming at 8 am on Xmas day morning I'd tell them to shove it grin

Leo35 Mon 13-Dec-10 14:26:05

American pancakes - pre-cook and freeze or buy. We serve with fruit cup (fruit salad) and maple syrup. Also love french toast (proper cinnamony sort!), but more of a palaver to make, again served with fruit cup.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Mon 13-Dec-10 14:29:41

I also think you are a saint for allowing people round in the morning. No one gets in through the door here before midday.

thereisthesnowball Mon 13-Dec-10 19:36:33

Another vote for smoked salmon and bagels with Bucks Fizz. You need some protein to tide you over til lunch and carbs to soak up the booze you will need to get you through an 8am visit from the PILs.

SNOWmami Mon 13-Dec-10 19:46:16

I am making one of the world's greatest sandwiches on Boxing Day morning. Smoked salmon and crispy bacon!

thereisthesnowball Tue 14-Dec-10 16:47:23

Wow, is it good?

SNOWmami Tue 14-Dec-10 18:08:35

I'll tell you the day after boxing day {fgrin]

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