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Help for a 7yo girl? To tat or not to tat...

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Blackletterday Sat 11-Dec-10 23:17:36

I have dd(7) and I'm struggling, she's an awkward bugger and I'm sick of thinking about it.

So far she has a bike, some magic fish, and a boardgame (shared with her brother).

On her list is a

a random vtech teddy thing (meant for babies)hmm
micro pets
password journal/swapping secrets (pointless tat of the highest order)
crystal growing kit

I will get the crystal kit and bendaroos,but she needs an actual "toy" toy iyswim. I don't want to waste money on tat. Any ideas? she is quite geeky, no barbie/doll/sparkly type things.

Clary Sat 11-Dec-10 23:34:52

Why does she need an actual toy?

None of my DC are getting toys really. DS2 is 7 and has asked for a football kit, a Wii game (present from grandma I think), some books/annuals - so that's what he's getting.

What you say you will get for yr DD sounds fine, not sure what magic fish or bendaroos are tho! grin

Blackletterday Sun 12-Dec-10 00:38:10

I think it's because ds1 is getting a bike plus lego and a remote control car. Ds2 has a ride on plus garage/click clack track/farm doodah. They will all be busy playing and dd will be erm ?????grin

magic fish look fooking marvellous, I'm excited nevermind dd. Wether they will work out is another matter, we have had sea monkey and triop apocalypses before now.

Maybe I should get her some lego?

Blackletterday Sun 12-Dec-10 00:40:35

How do people feel about not getting list items when they still believe? I'm worried about her being disillusioned.

CherryTheRedNosedMonster Sun 12-Dec-10 01:41:34

black- what are you going to keep the fish in? they are tropical fish, and require warm water and proper filtration, please dont just keep them in a bowl.

MadamDeathstare Sun 12-Dec-10 01:50:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rockinhippy Sun 12-Dec-10 02:15:30

I agree on getting the journal, its on her list, & my own DD wanted one last year, I too wasn't that keen especialy as it was a HSM pillow secret pillow diary, & she changes her tastes with the wind hmm but its probably been her favourite gift, she still pends hours writing in it

though I'm with you on not getting the babyish stuff, I promised myself I wouldn't last year, then felt bad as it was top of her Santa list & gave in & bought one of those nasty yappy pink poodles on a lead.......I was never was played with hmm

ChippingIn Sun 12-Dec-10 03:10:33

I don't have any issue with not getting everything on a list - blimey, even Santa has a limit grin besides, we've no room for ponies!

Your list is for Santa to choose from! Half of the excitement is not knowing what he will choose and what he wont.

I would definitely get the journal.

Micro Pets are on her list, they are cheap enough and they are something to play with - fits the bill doesn't it?

One mans tat is another mans treasure - how would you feel if your DH said 'I'm not buying you that insert something your heart desires it's tat'??

and at 7, yes, she does need something to play with!

DaftApeth Sun 12-Dec-10 07:48:30

I agree that a present list is a list of what they would like not what they will get. Father Christmas has lots of presents to get so they can,t be greedy. In our house, fc onl get stock ins and one other item anyway.

I think the journal and pets things sound great. My dd seems to only want tat but it is that which usually gets played with the most. I quite like tat with a shelf life e.g. Craft stuff, so it can be thrown away at some point.

Blackletterday Sun 12-Dec-10 09:45:24

We will get her a cheap tank cherry. If they do actually hatch, I'm sure dp would love the chance to buy a proper tank, he's been after one for ages anyway.

Ok journal it is then grin

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