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Family Gift

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StarExpat Fri 10-Dec-10 23:58:58

I've recently read a post about a "family gift".
I want to Start this tradition.
Any ideas? We have one 2 yo DS. Also interested to hear for other ages for future ideas. TIA

StarExpat Sat 11-Dec-10 13:44:07


lifeinagoldfishbowl Sat 11-Dec-10 13:46:19

What do you mean by family gift - a gift for you to give to a different family? A gift for your family that you can keep/cherish? A gift for you all to enjoy?

merrycompo Sat 11-Dec-10 13:52:25

A boardgame for the whole family? Or a boxsets of films everyone would enjoy

StarExpat Sat 11-Dec-10 13:52:37

blush I read it on a thread and I think poster was referring to a gift we could all enjoy. Bil/sil have one dc same age and we wanted to give them the same thing

StarExpat Sat 11-Dec-10 13:53:43

Boardgame sounds fab. Any that 2 yo's can play? Every one I think of is for older kids

MakemineaGandT Sat 11-Dec-10 17:14:00

Cinema vouchers
Annual family zoo pass (quite expensive tho)
Tickets to Legoland or similar

panettoinydog Sat 11-Dec-10 17:28:04

Sometimes we have been given cinema vouchers and it's a fantastic present.

merrycompo Sat 11-Dec-10 17:29:52

Games for two year olds:

hungry hippos

fifi's stack a cake


StarExpat Sat 11-Dec-10 18:03:48


taffetazatyousantaclaus Sat 11-Dec-10 18:12:44

Following a thread idea on here, I have made up a Christmas pass the parcel for after lunch, with treats and Christmas forfeits ( eg eat a cold brussels sprout etc ), and the prize is a Santa's Christmas Wonderland 200 piece puzzle, which hopefully we will all have a go at over the Christmas break.

GailRSPB Tue 14-Dec-10 13:08:49

A few more ideas for board games for 2 year olds – Hi Ho Cherrio, Candyland, Memory. Otherwise how about putting together a “Family” craft box and everyone has to make something? Jigsaw puzzles, cards (snap Pirate is a good one!) outdoor games that you can use as a family?

If you are looking for ideas for something to do after Christmas perhaps tickets for a nearby attraction as previously mentioned, or if you want something to last all year round how about a membership pass for the whole family? I’m a bit biased as I help out at the RSPB but you could get something like their family membership? It lasts for a year and you get free access to all the RSPB reserves around the UK, and if you go for the Wildlife Explorer family membership the kids get a goody bag on joining plus there are some really good days out that you can do as a family.

YulenoYurbubson Tue 14-Dec-10 13:11:27

A Carrom Board or a cuckoo clock.

cat64 Tue 14-Dec-10 13:18:26

Message withdrawn

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