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OK ladies I have a Pandora charms question...

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Clary Thu 09-Dec-10 00:13:32

I am aware that some of you are not keen but if you know about them please help!

I am planning to give one to a friend this Christmas who wears them on her bracelet. I have internet hunted and discovered you can pay like £35, or maybe you would prefer £10?

Clearly the £10 is prefereable; but does anyone know if I am being sold a pup? If what I am buying for £10 is not a genuine Pandora charm then it's gotta be a no-no for my pal. OTOH if it's a real one, why not? But then why would anyone pay £35?

Anyone know if websites selling the chamrs really are, or is it a load of knock-off?

dracschick Thu 09-Dec-10 00:14:49

If its £10 its not real.

whingeomatic Thu 09-Dec-10 00:17:47

Pandora charms are only sold by authorised retailers and the prices are standard so no cheapos, I'm afraid...

Clary Thu 09-Dec-10 00:22:05

Oh really <disappointed>

How can they say they are genuine then? I mean I am not stupid, but if they are saying genuine Pandora charms why don't Pandora sue them?

dracschick Thu 09-Dec-10 07:36:26

unless they are pandora charms bought from a retailer then being sold on??? but £10????

ajandjjmum Thu 09-Dec-10 07:38:12

I think the charms start at around £25.

Clary Fri 10-Dec-10 00:05:12

No I guess they are fakes.

Have found actual real ones for £20 which is not tooooo bad (good reason for buying this pal a really nice pressie smile)

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