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Metal detector for 4.6 year old with ASD??

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nappyaddict Wed 08-Dec-10 15:39:46

DS has asked for a metal detector off Santa. I found this in Toys R Us but it is from age 6. Do you think it would be suitable or not?

DeckTheIceWithDragonsAndHolly Wed 08-Dec-10 15:49:09

yes in principle. ds (just on ASD spectrum) got a little hand held one and a box (litter tray) with pasta shape and lots of radom stuff to dig out of it - some metal some not. Best played with toy for 2 years. He turns 6 next year.

The one that ds got was from WHSmiths though and is smaller. will try to find it or similar.

DeckTheIceWithDragonsAndHolly Wed 08-Dec-10 15:54:13

it wasnt as fancy as this but something similar

DeckTheIceWithDragonsAndHolly Wed 08-Dec-10 15:55:50

I think it depends whether u think he will be too rough with it. In theory yes go for it!!!

nappyaddict Wed 08-Dec-10 16:05:09

Oh I wonder if the smaller one would be better or not.

MilkNoSugarPlease Wed 08-Dec-10 21:35:42

My Charge has the science museum one, it's utter crap!

Just letting you know

DeckTheIceWithDragonsAndHolly Wed 08-Dec-10 23:29:57

does the beeping annoy you milk? drives me mad.

nappyaddict Thu 09-Dec-10 09:28:25

OK not the Science Museum one then!

mungojerrie Thu 09-Dec-10 14:32:34

M&S used to do one?

whoatethelastbiscuit Thu 09-Dec-10 17:24:45

Got our ds one about the same age and he loves it, he's 9 now, first thing he packs when we go to Cornwall (never found anything of value but he "knows" the romans buried a hoard down there somewhere). Think it is from National Geographic

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