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Fluffy Boot Slippers Help

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Notevenamouse Tue 07-Dec-10 13:13:46

Does anybody know of a really good quality make of fluffy boot style slipper. I want some for my oldest dd - size four feet- for christmas. She has had a hard year and it is the only thing on her list. Can anybody help me find the very lovliest ones in all the land ?

SeriousWispaHabit Tue 07-Dec-10 13:21:01

Next have quite a collection, as do Marks. Wilko have a hot water bottle and a mug with a knitted cosy that you could get to go with them, for complete winter cosiness.

AVeryMerryPersonalClown Tue 07-Dec-10 13:22:58

Next ones are lovely!
Pure fluffiness inside and a hard sole so they don't wear through.

They keep my feet warm and I am the coldest person I know!

wallababy Tue 07-Dec-10 13:24:01

Sainsburys have ones which you warm in the microwave, they have a lavender scent....

Notevenamouse Tue 07-Dec-10 13:24:06

ooooooh brill will have a look

WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 07-Dec-10 13:24:17

Wel, if it's the only thing on her list, you could splash out on sheepskin here - you couldn't get warmer or more snuggly!

Notevenamouse Tue 07-Dec-10 13:27:54

Those are lovely. We have hard wooden floors and the boiler is broken so they need to be sturdy.

Notevenamouse Tue 07-Dec-10 13:29:23

Do you mind me asking which of the Next ones you recommend there are loads of styles.

AVeryMerryPersonalClown Tue 07-Dec-10 13:35:10

I'm currently wearing these.
Had a similar pair 2 years ago before. Mutts had a munch on them. Grrr.

mogs0 Tue 07-Dec-10 13:39:48

Ds has a pair from Boden which are very cosy. I bought them far too big and he has been wearing them for 2 Winters now and they're still going strong. They have a hard sole too.

I saw some in Tesco yesterday which were so soft and also had a hard sole.

WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 07-Dec-10 14:07:38

Just re-iterating the cosiness of sheepskin - all the other so-called 'fluffy' types are usually polyester, which feels soft but has no intrinsic warmth. My DCs actually get hot feet wearing the woolly ones!

pigleychez Tue 07-Dec-10 14:38:06

I bought some this morning from Asda. Probably not the greatest quality but my feet are very toasty warm! grin
Hard soles, dont look too garish And only £8!

kennythekangaroo Tue 07-Dec-10 14:57:06

I'm currently wearing a pair from joules - this is their 3rd winter and they are toasty!

thehat Tue 07-Dec-10 20:53:44

I had lovely ones from Accessorize last year. Sooooo cosy

stnikkilarse1978 Fri 10-Dec-10 12:32:19

I just got some from my MIL from Monsoon. Really nice ones in there. I love these ones but just type slipper boots in the search and they have quite a lot. invt/79524399/

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