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How could I put fairy lights up in a room with no picture rail?

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BigTillyMincepie Tue 07-Dec-10 13:06:20

We live in the ubiquitous Victorian London Terrace house, with picture rails everywhere but the kitchen. I love fairy lights and put them everywhere. This year I wanted to hang fairy lights in the kitchen too (we do have them on the window, but I wanted more round the ceiling.

So no wood to put any small hooks / mails etc into.

Any ideas?

ilovemountains Tue 07-Dec-10 13:11:50

Blu tac?

BigTillyMincepie Tue 07-Dec-10 13:20:46

Thanks, but I think they would just be too heavy for that.

I might give it a try though.

taintedsnow Tue 07-Dec-10 13:31:47

Masking tape?

girlywhirly Tue 07-Dec-10 13:36:11

You can get clear suckers with a hook for use on doors and windows, they might work on tiles and painted walls. Some are large enough to take the weight of a wreath. I don't know if they will work upside down on a ceiling, though. I think Homebase sell them.

There are stick on things for routing cables, but they are a bit more permanent, might be worth a try if you don't mind them staying put, look in diy stores.

CherryTheRedNosedMonster Tue 07-Dec-10 14:38:21

i have stuck mine to the ceiling with drawing pins. just push them into the ceiling

BigTillyMincepie Tue 07-Dec-10 15:57:24

Ooh gorlywhirly and cherry, I am going to try your suggestions! Drawing pins first, and if they don't work, I'll be going round to the DIY shop! I don't mind them being permanent because I'll want them again next year. Actually, maybe I should try them first, but its's absolutely freezng and I'm just thawing out after the school run smile

KnottyLocks Tue 07-Dec-10 16:07:12

These look just the job.

KnottyLocks Tue 07-Dec-10 16:08:16

They do bigger hooks too.

BigTillyMincepie Tue 07-Dec-10 20:43:15

They do look good, thanks!

I think I'll pop into the DIY shop tomorrow and see what they've got smile

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