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Rainbow Magic Fairy Merchandise - help!

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eliselady Mon 06-Dec-10 22:39:00

Despite my best efforts, my daughter loves these books. I have looked around for merchandise like t-shirts or notebooks for her Christmas present, but cant find anything.

Has anyone found anything on the high st/internet?


PaisleyLeaf Mon 06-Dec-10 22:50:30

No. But I got my DD a snowglobe last year which she loved.

eliselady Mon 06-Dec-10 23:00:57

Hi Paisley!

Can you remember where it was from?

Have found a US website which will personalise RFM t shirts, but it doesnt ship internationally!

PaisleyLeaf Mon 06-Dec-10 23:19:43

Oh it wasn't specifically a Rainbow fairies one.
I did get lucky on ebay though and find one that had a rainbow on the stand and a fairy though.
Ebay is full of snowglobes.

Lonnie Mon 06-Dec-10 23:28:37

they do jigsaws on Amazon

elphabadefiesgravity Mon 06-Dec-10 23:32:12

I paid £10 from an Amazon seller for a T-shirt for dneice. It was overpriced and I think originaly came from the US as a free gift with something but it was what she asked for.

marriedtoagoodun Mon 06-Dec-10 23:35:44

I bought a jigsaw and some other bits - including a lovely fold out book that incorporated the fairy palace etc in 3D. The jigsaw was from hobby craft but if you go to Amazon they have quite a few bits. The book people also have some nice sets that make the pain of paying for the same story over and over a bit less painful. (Blast and damm that Jack Frost!)

PlumBumandBaublesMum Mon 06-Dec-10 23:40:03

I've only ever seen an annual, my dd loved last year, got it in Tesco

Clary Tue 07-Dec-10 00:24:05

DD had a book with stickers to dress them up, also she had a letter-writing set which was rather nice.

We also have a backpack and at least two pencil cases with assorted sharpeners and pens.

They are all a couple of years old at least (DD is 9 and has outgrown the books now) but I am amazed if there is nothing similar out there.


We have this (the sharpener is in my pencil case!) but I am gasping at that price!

Also this DD is still fond of must be out there cheaper tho.

timetosmile Tue 07-Dec-10 00:39:33

Last month I got a rainbow fairies t-shirt (pinkhmm) and also a sticker book from eBay..try 'rainbow magic' as well as rainbow fairies in the search box.
The other year we found some pretty fairy/mermaid/rainbow 'statuettes' which went down a treat...from the fish ornament bit of pets at home...

Takver Tue 07-Dec-10 08:31:00

There's a rainbow magic film out on dvd - dd saw it last night with a friend and said it was good (despite having outgrown the books now).

Here you are.

healthyElfy Tue 07-Dec-10 09:28:39 had some jigsaw books and the book people used to do a lift the flap christmas book. Dont worry, she will get over it. I suggest you get her some books by Titania Woods about Glitterwings Should do the job!

eliselady Tue 07-Dec-10 19:15:29

Thank you all! I have found the jigsaw but just can't bring myself to get the pen set for so much money!

The DVD had completely passed me by, so I have got one of those ordered too.

Hopefully this wont last long - ha ha! I am also going to order Glitterwings (thanks healthyElfy) and see if I can wean her off them.

Thanks again!

healthyElfy Wed 08-Dec-10 13:45:46

There is also a mermaid series which is similar ro RF but at least shows them that there is more out there, its by the same author as the Oliver Moon books, Secret Mermaid possibly.

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