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Real Christmas Trees?? - I haven't a clue.....

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CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 06-Dec-10 18:30:42

For years we've had a fake tree, but I keep remembering the odd Christmas when I was a kid and had a real tree - it's the smell, I'll never forget it! My kids are old enough now to be careful of the needles so....

I suppose I'm getting all nostalgic and hankering after a real tree this year. Are they worth the expense and hassle? Do they still smell Christmassy or do they get sprayed to stop them dropping their needles?

Where's the best place to buy them? What do you stand them in?

(as you can see, I'm clueless.... grin)

toomanychristmaslights Mon 06-Dec-10 20:40:18

They are fantastic but pricey if you buy a new one each year

You could buy one in a pot and keep it outside from January for next year, they are easy to water and don't drop

If you get a cut one you can put it in a special stand, available at garden centres. If you want to water it, put it in a bucket with big stones around it to keep it up right

They are fab, smell great (check this when you buy it!) and take me straight back to childhood.

You can buy them at B&Q or similar, garden centres, garages, shops that sell seeds or outdoor stuff, places like that. One year Tesco sold them

Enjoy smile

CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 06-Dec-10 22:24:36

Thanks, Toomany, I think we'll go with a real one then.

If we bought one in a pot, how many years do you reckon we could use it for without it getting too big?

MassiveKnob Tue 07-Dec-10 07:10:01

how big do you want the tree to be? If only a small one, get it rooted and in a pot, and it will last for a good few years before it gets too big for the house.

If you are getting a real one without roots, the best are the non-drop ones (i think nordman spruce amongst others)

The ordinary norway spruce is cheaper but will drop, so only dress and bring in as soon as christmas as you can, if you want it to last til twelfth night.

MassiveKnob Tue 07-Dec-10 07:11:01

bring in as near to christmas as you can, sorry

loomer Tue 07-Dec-10 13:06:53

We always have a real tree, and every year we are disappointed at the lack of smell. Every year we try a different type of tree (spruce, fir, non-drop, even an old-fashioned fully dropping ugly spiky one!) having been told something different about which ones actually smell. And absolutely none of them do once they're indoors.

Having said that we will still buy a real tree this year because we're snobs about plastic trees... but I wouldn't get too excited about getting that lovely childhood smell (beyond the initial whiff when you stick your face into them at the tree-sellers). I may even resort to using an oil burner with some pine/festive essential oil!

Oh, and remember that real trees need to be watered in their bucket/pot even if they don't have roots... this helps to stop the needles dropping. And they drink a LOT of water, you need to check every other day at least.

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 08-Dec-10 18:25:23

Oh...why haven't we got a [disappointed]emoticon?!

So I can't have a genuine smell?!?!? Mehhh....

KittyFoyle Wed 08-Dec-10 18:26:01

Ours smells lovely. £20 from Homebase.

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 08-Dec-10 18:27:36

smile smile smile

All is not lost!!!!

What type is yours,Kitty?

GrungeBlobPrimpants Wed 08-Dec-10 18:39:50

Get the wide-needled firs (Nordmann firs I think they're called) as they last far far longer than the common spruce. A Nordmann can last 3 weeks and drop very few needles (so long as its container is kept topped up with water) whereas spruces shed needles everywhere after a week

Downside is the price - ££££££££ more

Have had potted ones and they have never, ever lasted beyond March outdoors let alone to next season - quite difficult to transplant successfully

KittyFoyle Wed 08-Dec-10 20:44:52

hmm - not sure DH and DD went to get it. Will ask and let you know.

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