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Camcorder/Camera or IPhone 4?

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lexie01 Mon 06-Dec-10 11:26:54

Can anyone please help - I have no idea which one I should buy! I basically have a very old camera and camcorder (still records to tape!) which I would like to replace. I have researched all the new models and was all set to buy one of the small flash camcorders when someone suggested that the iphone (4) will do all this for me in one package. This sounds very appealing as I am very forgetful and often forget to take the camera to important events. I have never owned an IPhone however so could someone plse advise??

lexie01 Mon 06-Dec-10 18:44:15

Is there any MN who can offer much needed help? I am a technophobe and have no idea about the Apple iphone!

laughinglil Mon 06-Dec-10 22:54:16

The iphone 4 is fantastic I hardly ever put it down.
However if you are seriously after a camcorder I wouldn't bother tbh . Its not that the camera isn't good , it is but its really for those moments when you haven't got a camera with you not for recording loads of different things.
I have a flip video camera for that, for the money I think its fantastic I am so pleased with it.

NetworkGuy Thu 09-Dec-10 00:52:22

Would have to say that at several times the money, the iPhone does not sound to be the ideal replacement for a camcorder, and now that good camcorders can be had for far less than years ago, you just need to read some magazine reviews (go for some photography websites for critical expert reviews, something more like T3 or comments about camcorders/cameras from the Gadget Show on Five.TV, for less 'expert' more 'usability in day-to-day situations').

NetworkGuy Thu 09-Dec-10 13:10:23

Hope that this thread may be of interest - I think the Flip units start from around 120 pounds (there may be an 80-100 quid model too, sorry, not researched as I have an old Hitachi Sports that was about 350 s/h, when they were 1200 new)

NetworkGuy Thu 09-Dec-10 13:16:33

Just took a look at the john Lewis website (as they do 2 year guarantees) but seems like the 100 quid Flip II 4GB are all 'out of stock'.

mind you, still worth looking for reviews of some of the other models for sale there (and then on Argos, etc, so if there is a model that is available in a store near home, you can reserve it online and not depend on havig it delivered [or not] in time for Christmas.

Picking up whatever you end up choosing seems a good option as some items (if incorrect) may not be sorted out in time, if one needs to send back and wait again for correct order to be delivered.

NetworkGuy Thu 09-Dec-10 13:29:54

A final comment for now - if you do go for some camcorder in the 80-250 pound bracket, do check what memory cards/ storage they use. Sony uses its own Pro Duo card (more costly than most) while one of the cheaper storage families is the microSD / miniSD / SD which include ...

SDHC (SD High Capacity [?]) at 8 GB, and higher (biggest, but very expensive, is a 32 GB card)

Obviously the bigger the storage, the longer you can film without running our of capacity. Some are now HD (high definition) models which are great if you have a 1920 x 1080 TV (though some may actually record at 1366 x 768).

If it says HD, do consider one with a hard drive - say 80 GB of storage as High Def recording is bound to use up more storage and better to have a bit too much than run out as something is being recorded live...

NetworkGuy Thu 09-Dec-10 14:00:47

Just checked Ebay and there are plenty of camcorders in the 50 to 150 price range. I selected UK supplied, brand new, free delivery, buy-it-now and found quite a lot of Flip -style models and some more interesting ones such as this one : em=180592059815

before buying, see if the seller can confirm this SDHC 16 GB storage is suitable: em=390269946823

Happy (bargain) hunting... if you do go for a camcorder vs iPhone !

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