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Christmas party ideas

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monkeysmama Sun 05-Dec-10 11:28:24

I have a group of 10 LOs to entertain for 3 hours next week at my dd's (she is 2.5) Christmas party.

The other LOs are 1, 3, 5 and 8 yo.

There will be other adults to help out.

I am happy to buy or make things - I was thinking of making a reindeer and doing a "pin the nose on" but feel a bit stumped for ideas.

Any ideas?


TheHouseofMirth Sun 05-Dec-10 14:04:49

Treasure hunt?

TheHouseofMirth Sun 05-Dec-10 14:08:19

Lucky dip is brilliant fun (though only good if carried out on sweepable floor). Get the biggest box you can find (preferably long and not too deep so the children themselves don't become part of the prizes. Fill it with shredded paper and drop in sweeets and small prizes and just let them loose on it. Lots of mess and lots of fun!

AlsoChrstmas arts and crafts and/or biscuit decorating.

meep Sun 05-Dec-10 14:44:03

draw a huge christmas tree on a bit of paper and give them lots of stickers/pompoms etc to decorate it

Musical bumps/statues to christmas tunes

monkeysmama Sun 05-Dec-10 20:26:48

All good ideas. Thanks & welcome anymore.

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