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Present for a just 4 yr old girl

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SocialButterfly Sat 04-Dec-10 20:26:39

She has Barbies coming out if her ears and a very small bedroom so nothing too big. What would you suggest? Thanks smile

MrsShrekTheThird Sat 04-Dec-10 20:32:07

my dd's just got a box of 'soft stuff' (playdo to the rest of us, just the ELC version) - called a "fashion set" and there are a whole bunch of bits that she can make items of clothing and shoes with for the little doll thing that comes with it. Age recommendation on it is 3-6, dd got it the other day for her 5th birthday but it would be ideal for any little girl 4 or 5 ish imo. it's not a big thing at all but she's absolutely loving it, it will probably fit in an airtight sandwich box.

MrsShrekTheThird Sat 04-Dec-10 20:33:12

p.s. my dd also has a very small bedroom, and adores cushions hmm
Especially the ones with wheat in that you put in the microwave and warm 'em (sensible child, likes being warm!)

MrsShrekTheThird Sat 04-Dec-10 20:34:01

what budget are you thinking? Is this your dd's main present blush@ missing point entirely

SocialButterfly Sat 04-Dec-10 20:40:19

Well I need an idea for her main present but my mum needs some ideas too lol so probably £25 ish and then £45 ish could go a bit more for the right thing. I have totally run out of ideas but she does love play doh so Im off to check out elc now! Thanks

MrsShrekTheThird Sat 04-Dec-10 20:48:08

Get 20% of by joining the big birthday club ;-)

SummerRain Sat 04-Dec-10 20:50:30

dd is 5, almost 6 but her tastes haven't changed that much in the last couple of years and toys she's gotten in recent years that she loves include:

polly pocket dolls which clicked apart at the waist so you could mix and match tops and skirt

her dolls house, gets loads of play

a zhu zhu hamster someone bought her

the meccano set we got her last year... it's a version for smaller kids and she loves it.

her DS and the digital camera my dad bought her last year (I got the DS on ebay for cheap and my Dad bought a refurbished camera from there too)

playmobil vets clinic (although this is shared with her brother it lives in her room and he doesn't get much of a look in!)

She also loves the lego police station which her mad aunt bought them and spends hours in the boys room lining up millions of cars and playing quite complex games with them and the lego men.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sat 04-Dec-10 20:52:22

My 4 yo DD loves these and these and these. Plays with them every day and they don't take up much room. I even let her have them in the kitchen as they are aesthetically pleasing.

She feeds her dollies.grin

SummerRain Sat 04-Dec-10 20:55:22

I've ben eyeing those up for ages taffeta but i have three children under the age of 6... they'd be battered to bits in no time in my house!

MrsShrekTheThird Sat 04-Dec-10 20:56:05

we got dd a heap mp3 player and some child-size headphones for her 4th birthday, cost about £50 in total, and put all her aggravating fairytale stories on it. She adores it! (and we're spared the thirty renditions of 'Little mermaid' every night)

SocialButterfly Sat 04-Dec-10 20:58:14

taffetazatyousantaclaus I adore the first one with the mixer and the cake stand thank you I think that might be one present solved grin

MrsShrekTheThird I think she will love the flashion play doh set too - will get my mum to get her that

Oh I do love mn!

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sat 04-Dec-10 21:12:48


SocialButterfly Sat 04-Dec-10 21:14:24

Ive just bought it blush grin

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sat 04-Dec-10 21:18:39

Summer - my DD has had all of them for between 18 months and 2 years, and as well as her 7 yo brother playing with them, all his friends play with them and all her friends and many younger ones too. I also regularly knock the whole lot over with the Dyson wire. The cat scratches at them all the time, and enjoys a game of footie with the round cakes. They are still all in excellent condition.

MrsShrekTheThird Sat 04-Dec-10 21:37:59

nice one SB wink

SummerRain Sun 05-Dec-10 13:55:06

oooo taffeta.... sooo tempting. A wooden toy website i frequent has free delivery until tonight and stocks both the wooden kitchen sets. <<< muses on whether the credit card has anything left to give >>>

SummerRain Sun 05-Dec-10 14:06:56

they take debit cards... have just bought her the baking set grin

That's my christmas shopping pretty much done now.... although if she likes the baking set i might get her the breakfast one for her birthday in January wink

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sun 05-Dec-10 15:57:55

I think Le Toy Van should be giving me a kickback - two sales!

I am sure you will both have happy little girls. grin

SummerRain Sun 05-Dec-10 16:23:53

Even if they don't love them I think the Mommies in both our houses will enjoy them wink

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