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Breast Cancer donation - which charity?

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lilolilmanchester Sat 04-Dec-10 16:01:18

Sorry if this request is painful for some of you to read but thought MN the best place to ask.

We have been asked by someone we normally buy a Christmas present for to make a donation to "a breast cancer charity" in lieu, they weren't specific about which one as they wanted to leave the choice to us. Having googled, there are so many. Which charity would you suggest, and why?


sadnessmakesmechange Sat 04-Dec-10 22:49:07

It is very real and painful for me, lilo, but have name changed (I hope is OK). My 36 year old big sister - who is also my best friend - has breast cancer which is now terminal (in her organs), and has a 11 month old DD, my precious niece who, with all my sisters chemo is part of my family too. Breast Cancer Care has been the place for us with care and support and I have raised for them in the past. just my suggestion and no offence taken if a preferred option comes along as I cant face going into it all right now...just that they are the real deal.

lilolilmanchester Sun 05-Dec-10 00:11:36

thanks sadness, will look into it. So sorry for what your sister is going through and for the impact on you and others who love her. I can understand a bit of it (hence this post) - almost, but not quite so close to home. Will look at Breast Cancer Care tomorrow. Thank you for posting, understand it must have been really hard for you. Not sure how long you have been on MN but just know there is tons of support for you and your sister out here xx inbox me if you ever need to xx

MrsCratchit Sun 05-Dec-10 11:28:09

Hi Lil,

I work for one of the main breast cancer charities (I won't say which one for fear of bias) but outline what each does:

Sadness, mentions Breast Cancer Care, so I'll start with them. Care are about just that, giving support to patients and their families through advice, counsellors and support groups.

Then there is Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Breakthrough have two main areas, research and education/campaigning. Their research centre has recently developed what hopes is a wonder drug, the PARP inhibitor (I am sure there will be more on this on their website). The education element provides guidelines about how to recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, working with women's groups, GPs, nurses etc. The campaigning takes issues effecting breast cancer patients to Parliament, to lobby over issues like better access to drugs, better screening programmes and the length of time patients have to wait between an initial check up finding a lump and diagnosis.

The third is Breast Cancer Campaign. Its activities are similar to Breakthrough's research and campaigning but on a smaller scale. Unlike Breakthrough it does not have its own research centres but scientists can apply for a grant to fund their work at their respective place of study. It holds research meetings bringing the scientists it supports together.

You will find much, much more on the charities' websites, and be able to see which one you think is best suited with the person you are donating on behalf of in mind.

As our scope is somewhat different we work closely together to discuss strategies etc. All three are very worthy causes. Thank you for supporting anyone of them and Merry Christmas. MrsC x

MrsCratchit Sun 05-Dec-10 11:38:08

Sadness, I wanted to post separately to say how very sorry I am to read about your sister. Breast cancer is a devastating disease for all it effects, so not just the person who has it, but all of those who surround them. Stories like yours are heartbreaking and a reminder about why those of us who work in the sector need to work even harder to try and stamp out the monster that is breast cancer.

I am so glad that you have found support through Breast Cancer Care, but know well that nothing can really take away the heartache and fear.

Take very good care of yourself and loved ones.


pranma Sun 05-Dec-10 13:12:38

I too had breast cancer and found BCC very supportive-not only their information and discussion forums but their telephone helpline was amazing.It was great to have a number to ring just to talk or to ask 'silly' questions when you couldnt face the GP again.The constant terror of 'is it back' never goes away but the BCC community helps make it bearable.
Thank you and love to your sister and you too.

sadnessmakesmechange Sun 05-Dec-10 14:02:13

Thank you all (and didnt mean to hijack thread, sorry!). I have also found Breakthrough Breast Cancer to be really helpful and am pleased to now know about Breast Cancer Campaign too!
Mrs Cratchit, it is just such a monster that completely swallows up life as you know it and immerses everyone into a whole new 'cancer' world.
Thanks again everyone - really appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

lilolilmanchester Sun 05-Dec-10 14:15:27

thanks all, have chosen Breast Cancer Care. I know they are all worthy causes but that seemed appropriate for this specific donation. Mrs C - hopefully your description of each will lead to donations for them all from others reading this thread for the same reason.

Sadness, hijack away, keep posting on this thread as long as you like!

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Sun 05-Dec-10 14:22:03

they seem to do a lot of the stuff going on at the chemo ward DH goes to, so seems a good choice. x

sadnessmakesmechange Tue 14-Dec-10 20:53:52

sorry to only post again now (have seen thread but not had the guts to post again - stupid I know), but thank you for letting us know lilo - that means a lot to me (not that that was your entire reason, but every possible bit of good that comes out of something so horrific does mean a lot.) So I personally think that is a good choice too! Thank

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