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Where should I donate?

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GoldPlated Sat 04-Dec-10 13:07:58

We've had a bit of a sort to find room for the new toys Santa will hopefully be bringing, and now have a small stack of puzzles/games to be given away.

I don't like Freecycle (bad experience last year with 'high value' toy given to someone who made out they were in dire need, it would make their kids so happy at Xmas etc. then stuck it straight on Ebay).

Could take them to charity shop, but really would like them to go direct to someone who's struggling. Did think about maybe a women's refuge?

I think I've missed the MN Secret Santa (not sure if you should donate second-hand stuff through that anyway?)

Any ideas?


mumwhereareyou Sat 04-Dec-10 13:20:36

I usually do this with my children a couple weeks before xmas have a good sort out and then donate to our local Homestart and womens refuge (numbers in yellow pages), it makes the children realise that some children don't get much, not that ours get a lot really.

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