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Help needed please lego creationary game

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tjacksonpfc Fri 03-Dec-10 23:16:19

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me find a toy. My dcs love the lego games and want the new lego creationary one for christmas.

This is where the problem begins the lego online shop is out of stock. I havent seen it in any toy shops and ebay and amazon and are asking silly prices for it.

Have any of you wonderful MNers seen it anyone or knwo where i can get hold of one.


SantarissaCripslock Fri 03-Dec-10 23:52:31

Argos have it for £24.

Sorry, not sure if that's a similar price to the other places.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sat 04-Dec-10 09:09:08

just looked at lego online store and its available now

tjacksonpfc Sat 04-Dec-10 11:01:23

Thanks all i'll have a look grin

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