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Christmas lights

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bren12 Thu 02-Dec-10 23:57:29

Shaded christmas lights you know the Pifco ones from the 1970's and 80's tacky or tasteful? Or you prefer shadeless lights?

ShanahansRevenge Fri 03-Dec-10 03:32:49

They're tackily gorgeous..I LOVE the old fashioned kind and have got some from Ebay...they twinkle better!

I can't bear the ones with a bare bulb...not pretty at all.

ShanahansRevenge Fri 03-Dec-10 03:33:42

{waits for someone to suggest "cherry lights"}

Which in my opinion look contrived.

MrsKitty Fri 03-Dec-10 06:48:48

I've still got some working shaded lights from c.1979 grin. I took them from my Mum's decoration box when I left home. Agree, so much nicer than new style ones. Shame there's only about 12 on the string!

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