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Lego CD Boombox (blue)

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rara67 Thu 02-Dec-10 21:03:42

This seems to be very popular (Saturday Times gift guide a couple of weeks ago, should have ordered it immediately). John Lewis and Argos out of stock. Any ideas please? It retails at 34.99 and I dont want to pay more. Thanks

NotFromConcentrate Fri 03-Dec-10 15:00:32

I'v tried everywhere, OP. I even tried places like Amazon which had them at £50+ but to no avail.

After I gave up, I saw a few reviews which were terrible. I finally managed to get a Spongebob one from Smyth's instead, although I ordered about 10 days ago so not sure how the stock situation is - they were out of tock most places I tried.

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