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Anyone been to see Santa at Westfields in London?

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caramellokoalalover Wed 01-Dec-10 11:15:55

Just womdering if it's worth braving the crowds to take DS (2). Also, the website doesn't say how much the photos with Santa cost. If anyone has been I'd love to hear if it was worth it.

caramellokoalalover Wed 01-Dec-10 11:16:39

womdering??? wondering! blush

caramellokoalalover Wed 01-Dec-10 18:37:50


dinkystinky Wed 01-Dec-10 18:41:04

Went last year and DS1 (3 at the time) and DS2 (10 months) loved it. You watch a 3d movie and then go see Santa in groups - you can get photo packages inc. key rings/snow globes etc. Think basic package was around £10 but cant fully remember. You can book tickets online via which I'd really recommend rather than just turning up. Also go early -we have the 9am slot this year.

caramellokoalalover Wed 01-Dec-10 19:43:19

Super, thanks dinkystinky

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