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lostinlove Wed 01-Dec-10 10:04:51

Hi anyone got great ideas on a cd of Christmas songs....but not the same old stuff we hear every year??

GreatOrmondSt Wed 01-Dec-10 16:00:44

Have you heard the Josh Groban Christmas album? It was released about a year ago but he does a beautiful tribute to some of the classics. If you're looking for a variation from the classics, I downloaded the Glee Christmas album just the other day off of Fairshare. They do a brilliant modern rendition of many Christmas songs (my favourite is Deck the Rooftop!)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Adair Wed 01-Dec-10 16:06:04

We are listening to this one. Though it didn't cost so much.

Adair Wed 01-Dec-10 16:07:18

Sorry, did you mean for kids or adults? I like this too.

maltesers Wed 01-Dec-10 16:09:15

I can highly recommend : "The Choirgirl Isabel"
its lovely . . .not xmassy but really beautiful singing by a very talented 12 yr old girl who sang "You are not Alone" at the Festival of Remembrance this year in November.
Its £9.99 and worth every penny !

maltesers Wed 01-Dec-10 16:11:56

Plus, "The Choirboys" . . .its been out about 4 years now. .and very Christmassy. . .

GMajor7SwansASwimming Wed 01-Dec-10 16:17:19

Anita Skorgan - Adventus

disparatehousemice Wed 01-Dec-10 17:55:38

"A Christmas Gift For You" Phil Spector.....13 60's Motown style songs such as "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus", guaranteed to provide Christmas cheer !!

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