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playmobil/lego advent calenders

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frazzled74 Tue 30-Nov-10 21:50:50

where is the cheapest online shop that i can buy these from? Have just decided i want ds to have one(better late than never).also has anyone had hello kitty one ?(dont want dd to be left out)

tulpe Tue 30-Nov-10 22:59:05

I don't think you will find a cut-price version (although am prepared to be proven wrong )

If you have a lego store or go on line, you can sign up to the Lego VIP pass and at least earn lego points when you purchase a full price calendar.

droitwichmummy Tue 30-Nov-10 23:00:56

Got one today from The Entertainer - in store rather than on line even though it was more expensive that way. Didn't want to risk it not getting here until next week.

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