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ds(8) wants a toy spaceship for Christmas. Lego do one, but is it too fiddly?

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TheEarthIsFlat Mon 29-Nov-10 23:38:34

ds has wanted a spaceship or rocketship for a couple of years along with countless other things! Finally he has decided that a spaceship is definitely at the top of his list but now he's a bit old for the ELC type ships.

Lego do a super dooper one which he would love lego shuttle adventure but I'm worried that after a few days he'd lose bits & it would sit in the corner of his room making us all feel guilty.

Has anyone seen anything else? He isn't in to Star Wars, unfortunately, & although he loves the Toy Story films I think he's after something more realistic (plus he hates promotional toys).


DilysPrice Mon 29-Nov-10 23:53:49

DS(6) has Shuttle Adventure which may seem a bit OTT, but he is a Lego obsessive and also a space shuttle obsessive and it was obviously the right present at the time. He enjoyed building it with help
from DH very much, and it's a fabulous model but I don't think it's really got the play value you're looking for for your DS.
I agree that there aren't many good spaceship toys out there apart from the ELC ones. You might consider a cardboard model? We had a book containing build your own models of Saturn 5 and the lunar module, being cardboard they don't last forever, but it was cheap and fun to build if your DS likes that sort of thing. (I can look up the name of the model if you want to know.

TheEarthIsFlat Tue 30-Nov-10 00:25:08

Thanks DilysPrice, I think I know the books you mean - was pondering buying them. ds loves lego but has a vivid imagination & tends to put his sets together and make his own creations. He's fine with this but I have to stop from 'tidying' up so suspect it's my problem rather than his. May end up buying a simple easy to use rocket and something a bit more complex.

Being nosy now, what's led to your son's interest in space shuttles so young? Not knocking it, think it's great when they get into something.

Anyway, thanks for replying, am now off to bed.

ChippingIn Tue 30-Nov-10 01:22:03

TheEarthIsFlat - I would like it I'm actually after the DeathStar - well actually - I don't want them, I just want to build them! Once they're built I no long have any interest in them!

I think if he loves lego anyway this would be a great present - but I would also buy something more 'easy' to play with as lego isn't really good for 'rocket' type play.

If I find anything on line I'll let you know.

ChippingIn Tue 30-Nov-10 01:26:45

Have you seen this site ?

iloveblue Tue 30-Nov-10 08:33:52

This one looks good - don't think they make it anymore, but there are some available on ebay.

curlycat Tue 30-Nov-10 08:44:48

I got that one iloveblue last year in Toys R Us for DS and he loves it - does come to bits but quite big bits so it's easy to put back together. Ailen spaceship soes make a hellish rackett though!!

Poshpaws Tue 30-Nov-10 08:48:00

If you don't want one you have to construct, Imaginext do one - Imaginext Space Shuttle.

It's about 35 pounds.

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