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Took the DCs to see Harrods Santa today

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Guitargirl Mon 29-Nov-10 19:50:56

...and for the first time neither of them cried, hurray!!

We persist in going every year as have started the tradition of the photos, etc. But last year was so bad with DD having a full-on tantrum that I reserved the tickets this year with some trepidation. But, result! No tears, battled our way there through the tube strike which wasn't too bad and DD loved sitting on the top of the bus looking at all the lights. Harvey Nicks window display is great this year, DD had her photo taken with Tinkerbell, DS loved the chocolate coins. The only less than great point was paying something ridiculous for a few drinks in the new cafe there. But other than - very relieved - drinking wine now and looking at photos smile.

MilaMae Mon 29-Nov-10 20:27:15

We're going Sat,kids very excited. What was the new cafe,was it the Illy one? What did your dc have? Am I going to be spending £5 for a coffee?Sorry to be nosey but will save trailing about if I brace myself beforehand. Last year all 3 shared an extortionate milkshake in the sweet dep cafe(tight mummy emoticon) smile.

My 3 are as excited about seeing pet kingdom and the jelly beans again as FCgrin

Figgyrolls Mon 29-Nov-10 20:29:51

We went and then had lunch at cafe rouge just outside - lovely steak sarnie and muchhhho cheaper!

Mind you I bought the sodding bears for the dc so that made up for it!

Mila- we were very disappointed with pet kingdom, not many pets there but all made up for it with the pet spa with windows grin should have just gone there for dd and her bessy mate!

Guitargirl Mon 29-Nov-10 20:35:14

There used to be a cafe just next to the toy department which was self-service and had children's films showing on the TVs. That has now been replaced with a waitress service 'family friendly' cafe called Tree something. In the old cafe it was still expensive but the drinks were refillable and the kids could choose lots of sprinkles for their ice-cream. In the new place the ice-cream is 2 scoops in a bowl with sauce if you want it. The DCs had an ice-cream each (2 ice-creams), I had a hot chocolate and DP had a coffee. The bill came to £16.20!! The hot chocolate was like water and DP said the coffee too.

MilaMae Mon 29-Nov-10 22:15:34

Thanks I rem that old cafe,think i'll give the new one a miss.I like my coffee strong especially if I'm being fleeced grin!

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