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Stuffing ideas

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rebl Mon 29-Nov-10 18:08:06

I'm after something different from the usual sage and onion stuffing to go with our turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas Day. Has anyone got any suggestions please? It must be nut free (that includes chestnuts).

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 29-Nov-10 18:14:38

I do two, but they have the same basis so it's not masses of work.

First is lemon and parsley, and I use butter and egg to bind it. The key is to use plenty of lemon - the juice and zest. This one is lovely a moist and fresh and I cook it inside the turkey.

Second one uses the same breadcrumbs and parsley base, but put some aside before you start adding the lemon etc.
I mix it in with good quality sausage meat and you can either put it in the other end of the turkey cavity or cook it separately.
My family all love this one, but I know that not everyone like sausagemeat based ones.
If you do cook this sausagemeat one inside the turkey, then be sure to add the weight of it to the weight of the turkey when you are working out cooking times - sorry if that is teaching my grandmother

rebl Mon 29-Nov-10 19:35:17

Thank you. Do you have quantities for the lemon and parsley one please as that sounds lovely. I won't do the sausagemeat one as I'm having just a crown as we have 5 adults and 2 young children so I don't need so much stuffing anyway.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 29-Nov-10 19:46:33

Um, let me try - it's a family recipe handed down so no written instructions!

About 400-500g of breadcrumbs for a bunch of parsley - not one of those tiny bunches you get in the supermarket, but a proper bunch from a greengrocer. Discard all the stalks and then whizz up the leaves in a blender with the breadcrumbs. You want it to look really green, not just a few flecks through the breadcrumbs.

With that quantity, I use 1 large egg mixed up with a fork, and the juice and zest of 2 lemons (unwaxed if you can get them). A pinch of salt and then a melted knob of butter. I often add the zest of an extra lemon depending on how lemony it tastes - we like it really lemony but you may prefer it less so!

I just use a fork to mix it all through, and then squeeze it together with my hands. You don't want it too wet or it will fall apart, so I always add the butter last of the 'liquids' and don't always put it all in if it is wet enough to hold together.

Sorry that is so imprecise, I hope you like it!

worm77daisy Mon 29-Nov-10 19:55:20

These two are nice:

Sausage, Red Onion and apricot stuffing balls

1tbsp olive oil
1 red onion peeled and finely chopped
450g/1lb pork sausage meat
100g wholemeal bread blitzed into breadcrumbs
100g dried aprictots roughly chopped
1tsp fresh sage finely chopped
1tsp fresh thyme chopped
1 free range egg, beaten

Heat oil in pan cook onion for 5 mins until soft and allow to cool.

Put all ingredients in large bowl and season. Mix using hands then rolls into balls abou tht esize of plums. Put balls on baking sheet about 2cm apart.

Heat at 200c for 25-30 mins turning once.

Chestnut, bacon & cranberry stuffing
100g dried cranberries
50ml ruby port
1 small onion , chopped
2 rashers unsmoked back bacon , cut into strips
50g butter
2 garlic cloves , chopped
450g sausagemeat
140g fresh white or brown breadcrumbs
2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
½ tsp chopped fresh thyme leaves
140g peeled, cooked chestnuts , roughly chopped
1 medium egg , lightly beaten

Soak the cranberries in the port for an hour. Fry the onion and bacon gently in the butter, until the onion is tender and the bacon is cooked. Add the garlic and fry for another minute or so.
Cool slightly, then mix with all the remaining ingredients, including the cranberries and port, adding enough egg to bind - I find it easiest to use my hands. Fry a knob of stuffing in a little butter, taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.
To Cook: This stuffing can be baked in a dish, or rolled into balls that will be crisp on the outside and moist inside. To bake, press the stuffing into a greased ovenproof dish in a layer that is around 4cm thick. Bake at 190C/gas 5/fan 170C for about 40 minutes, until browned and, in the case of sausagemeat stuffing, cooked right through. Alternatively, roll into balls that are about 4cm in diameter. Roast the stuffing balls in hot fat (they can be tucked around the turkey or done in a roasting tin of their own) for 30-40 minutes, until crisp and nicely browned on the outside.

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