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when are you putting your decorations up?

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lilly153 Mon 29-Nov-10 16:47:49

think i might put mines up this saturday 4th of december grin

Usually the first weekend of December, but my flat needs a damn good tidy and I've no time this week so I'm going to do a preChristmas blitz next week, and put them up the following weekend. I have to hide move furniture into my bedroom in order to fit the tree in the living room, so I have to get organised first smile

Actually, more important question - when are we going to get our Christmas smilies!

nickeldonkeyonadustyroad Mon 29-Nov-10 17:01:37

shop decorations already up (in the window) I will put more up as it gets closer.

home decorations will go up in the church on Saturday, because we're holding a Santa's Grotto in there. then they'll be taken down again, and won't be put up at home until the week before christmas

Littlepurpleprincess Mon 29-Nov-10 17:49:06

It's my birthday mid december, we usually put it up the following weekend. To early and it just gets on my nerves.

SuePurblybiltByElves Mon 29-Nov-10 17:53:04

I've spent the afternoon messing about making angels and snowflakes with DD which have ponced up our 'orrible glass/pvc door. I have the nativity scene out, the poncey bowls have been changed from autumn to wintery. And the couple of Christmassy bits I have, candle holders and the like, are out. We've had the first Sunday in Advent, it's time grin
I'll do the tree when I buy it, one day this week. Still to make a wreath, too blinkin cold to go cutting!

gregssausageroll Mon 29-Nov-10 18:29:21

Thursday. If I don't do it then I won't get to it until my next day off which is Christmas Eve.

MrsKitty Mon 29-Nov-10 18:46:28

This weekend. I'm working 6-6 both days next weekend and the weekend after is just too late IMO grin.

We're also going to visit Father Christmas this weekend because I'm working next and the week after was fully booked.

GeorgeWBush Mon 29-Nov-10 19:07:14

Was going to be on the weekend the DC break up from school but DH is working away then so he wants to do them next weekend.

Guitargirl Mon 29-Nov-10 19:58:00

Friday - can't wait to see the DCs faces grin. Jingle bells, jingle bells!

domesticsluttery Mon 29-Nov-10 20:05:36

The weekend before Christmas, so the 18th/19th this year.

lucyspangle Mon 29-Nov-10 20:09:18

It is scheduled for Sunday DH is taking DS to see Santa .I need to mega blitz lounge remove large plants etc put a table our bedroom to make space for a very big tree .

posey Mon 29-Nov-10 21:13:29

I would think the weekend of the 11th/12th.

bilblio Mon 29-Nov-10 21:52:40

Weekend before Christmas, later if possible. Until DD was born it would be about 20th or 21st. I hate them up early. They stay up till 12th night and look scruffy by then. The cats/DD attack the tree, the baubles disappear or end up just on the highest branches etc etc.

I can never understand people who put them up on 1st December then take them down Boxing Day. For a start that's 12th of the year that the decorations are up. If you like Christmas so much why take them down before Christmas is over? If you do keep them up till 12th night that's 10th of the year!

HollyBollyBooBoo Tue 30-Nov-10 02:16:37

Done! We did them on Saturday, completely unplanned.

We went to Ikea to buy DD a highchair, saw they sold xmas trees but when we checked them out they were rubbish, but by then we really wanted one so went to the local Nursery and bought one. Spent the afternoon decorating, listening to cheesy xmas CD and drinking Baileys - lovely!!

TooTiredtoGoogle Tue 30-Nov-10 10:49:54

Fairy lights up and snow globe out on Thursday, along with the making of salt dough decorations.
Tree and main decorations won't be up until weekend before Christmas though.

Showaddywaddy Tue 30-Nov-10 10:52:49

<looks at decorations adorning house>


Miffster Tue 30-Nov-10 10:56:03

Tree goes up next weekend, holly and ivy and fairy lights round the mirrors and pictures are already up, hope to deliver DC1 in my festive grotto/birth pool under the Christmas tree in the next 2 weeks.

Jux Tue 30-Nov-10 11:12:28

Xmas eve. I'm Scrooge apparently.

TotorosOcarina Tue 30-Nov-10 11:13:04

todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy grin

sweetheart Tue 30-Nov-10 11:18:14

we'll probably put ours up on the 11th. It's ds's birthday on the 8th so I like to get that done before we put the decs up and we only really have time to do it at the weekend.

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