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The most unoriginal present-buyer ever

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moonbells Mon 29-Nov-10 15:54:57

Is it just me? I am hopeless with thinking up presents. It might be linked with hating surprise presents and so disliking the possibility of buying something for someone that they too will hate.

I have to think of presents for DH (useless also at thinking of things - even for self!) MIL - clothes shopaholic who never buys what we say we'd like, rather what she thinks we'd like (and rarely do!) FIL (easy-going)
and now SIL and her DH, who are hosting this year, and have one of those homes which wouldn't look out of place in Country Life, ie what on earth could we buy them?!

Can anyone help. Please?

(My own folks are easy. I just ask them! But I can't do that with DHs or they always take it the wrong way...)

taffetacat Mon 29-Nov-10 16:16:45

DH - if you both despise it, say leave it to you and get a treat for you both that you know he will like too, eg dinner at a really nice restaurant with babysitter arranged, or a night away somewhere or something.

MIL and FIL can you do a joint one too? Do they enjoy time together, maybe theatre tickets or tea at a posh hotel?

SIL and DH - Emma Bridgewater pottery. Or a Country Life subscription. grin Bottle of some good red wine ( Barolo/similar ) for her DH.

You didn't mention a budget......

Guitargirl Mon 29-Nov-10 20:09:46

For SIL and her DH - something from Aspen and Brown?

healthyElfy Tue 30-Nov-10 09:42:03

Get the SIL and husband some bunting for the kitchen, fun to open and bound to go down well! Could wrap it in Cath Kidson tea towels!

pinguwings Tue 30-Nov-10 09:46:30

Insist they give you lists and ideas! Otherwise toblerones all round.

Ooopsadaisy Tue 30-Nov-10 09:54:15

If in doubt - Amazon vouchers. Works every time and no complaints yet.

chicaguapa Tue 30-Nov-10 09:56:22

If you give a budget, I'll try and think of things. I've done all my shopping and often suggest ideas for friends too.

moonbells Tue 30-Nov-10 12:43:17

I suppose budget is about 25-30 quid per person. Thankfully we are only a small family!

Currently browsing through Aspen and Brown, thanks Guitargirl

MIL and FIL are heavily-addicted golfers so you'd have thought that would make it easy... trouble is they are so addicted they've already got everything they could possibly need!

Silkstalkings Tue 30-Nov-10 18:26:48

For your MIL, buy my mum's book. Ignore the cover, it's not a soppy romance, it's a Victorian murder with a few laughs included.

shongololo Tue 30-Nov-10 18:39:02

for PIL and for SIL, choose something from here

We bought MIL and FIL the picnic in the park for their birthday and they were thrilled - there are about 10 different country house concerts to choose from and its a lovely thing to look forward to.

The wine tasting at a vineyard also looked fun. or the shows and exhibits - so they can do Ideal home or indeed country living show. :D

taffetazatyousantaclaus Tue 30-Nov-10 21:59:58

use code EVENT20 to get 20 pc off Aspen and Brown til Thurs

chicaguapa Wed 01-Dec-10 16:19:02

Pedlars has some original gifts, some that I haven't seen in other catalogues.

Do they live near a John Lewis? You could get something from there with a gift receipt so they can go in and change it after Christmas. Just thought of JL as they sound quite posh!

I think vases and photo frames make nice gifts and can be quite simple and neutral to suit most peoples' taste. PJs are quite nice for women. La Senza has a two for £25 offer on at the moment. Loungewear is very much of the moment for men.

I've recommended before on another thread. They have quite original gifts too. Some are golf related.

I'll have a think and see if I can think of anything else.

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