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Brandy butter

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rara67 Mon 29-Nov-10 13:51:13

If I make it now will it keep (in the fridge) or should I wait til nearer the time?

moonbells Mon 29-Nov-10 14:12:11

I always make a batch and then freeze it in lots of smallish tubs. That way it lasts forever ;) and you only need take out as much as you need.

If you use a hand whisk to make it, and really whisk it for ages, it comes out with a fluffy texture which, once frozen, can easily be scooped out rather like ice cream.

I actually prefer it, especially on scalding hot pudding and mince pies!

I do admit I usually put twice as much brandy in as the recipe... blush

HalfCaff Mon 29-Nov-10 14:15:18

Quite excited by the 'Gud with Fud' Coop ad mentioning brandy butter ice cream!

rara67 Mon 29-Nov-10 16:48:00

Thanks will dig out ancient electric whisk...was thinking of using the basic recipe in Tesco mag - sugar, butter, brandy, but is there a better one Moonbells?

zipzap Mon 29-Nov-10 22:28:21

See if you can get hold of soft brown sugar to make it rather than standard white (sorry, not sure what the tesco recipe is!)

My mum has always used the soft brown sugar recipe and it is so much nicer than the one made with white sugar, to the point that lots of people have asked her to make it for them too and she now makes about 10 extra dishes grin - her recipe was from the old cordon bleu cookery part magazines from the 60s that she still uses!

it goes nice and fluffy and is very yummy could eat on its own

Lots of brandy is good, think temp of room and butter is key to how much brandy you can get into it without it curdling and coming out!

Lilymaid Mon 29-Nov-10 22:45:37

I also recommend using soft brown sugar but I grind the sugar until it resembles icing sugar to make a smoother brandy butter. Some recipes also use ground almonds to make it slightly less sugary. Be careful when adding the brandy - add it a little at a time to avoid the mixture curdling.
A little lemon zest can be added too.

moonbells Tue 30-Nov-10 12:52:46

I just use icing sugar...

My basic recipe is just that!
8oz unsalted butter, 8oz sieved icing sugar, 6 tablespoons of brandy or to taste (ahem)

combine the butter and sugar, turn up the electric whisk and whisk until it's very fluffy. Beat in the brandy very gradually, give it one last blast with the whisk and put into freezable lidded containers. Keeping some out for the mince pie you're just going to have, of course!

Use straight from the freezer on hot pies!

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