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I know it is REALLY early, but who is starting to think about Christmas?

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StarlightMcKenzie Mon 29-Nov-10 09:57:27

Message withdrawn

sumum Mon 29-Nov-10 10:20:48

Naughty naughty naughty Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 30-Nov-10 15:34:01

Message withdrawn

ItsJustMyOpinion Tue 30-Nov-10 15:41:48

Ive been thinking about Christmas, especially now that I have got my shifts for the Christmas and New Year period.
Got most of the pressies brought, buying majority of the festive food and drink week after next and going to put the tree up and decorations a week before (and it has to be a real tree)

I really love this time of year and looking forward to watching dd open her pressies, she is 2 so she has more of an understanding of it this year, last year she just wanted to play with the wrapping paper.

And the best bit is I don't have to work Christmas day or New years eve grin

SummerRain Tue 30-Nov-10 15:45:25

I have a good bit of my shopping done (thank god as finances are spiralling around the drain so won't have money between now and the big day to buy much else)

Ther kids have been decorating the school already, the toy show has been and gone, advent calanders start tomorrow and letters to Santa are written so there's no escaping it in this house!

watercress Tue 30-Nov-10 19:22:09

Not too early for me! I've finished the wrapping in eager anticipation of putting them all under the tree which will go up tomorrow.

I think I get too excited about Christmas...

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