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Chances of Tesco letting me down on Christmas food delivery?

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cyanarasamba Sun 28-Nov-10 09:39:08

Ok, so I have my delivery slot booked for the 22nd, plan to spend ages on a mega shop to fill both fridge freezers. (note to self - don't forget to update order from 4 bottles of champagne!).

We have a newborn and family here for Christmas week - if they don't include turkey, sprouts, milk and so on in the order it will be very annoying. If they don't show at all will be verging on disaster.

Anyone have any experience of whether it all goes to pot for Christmas?

It is the first time I've hosted Christmas - can you tell I'm a bit nervous!

Saltire Sun 28-Nov-10 09:40:53

I have never yet had thing slike turkey not delivered, but I always boo my slot for the 22nd, so DH can face the crowds and go out and buy any essentials that don't turn up

clayre Sun 28-Nov-10 09:44:35

champagne very classy, i added 4 bottles of vodka to mine!!!

I have always got my turkey as that is pre-ordered especially for my order, tbh the rest of the shop has always been fine too, i think last year the only thing they subsitituted was the xmas crackers but if had been that bothered about crackeres i would have bought them long before 23rd dec!

cyanarasamba Sun 28-Nov-10 09:46:52

Ooh interesting - so if I order a turkey in the normal way does it count as a special pre-order, rather than just hoping there's one left on the shelf? Was wondering about that.

clayre Sun 28-Nov-10 09:51:55

yeah you have to order it within a certain time scale, i think about a fortnight and after a certain date i dont think you can cancel it, thats for fresh turkeys!

IAPJJLPJ Sun 28-Nov-10 14:30:56

I think your just showing off that you were one of the special few and have been able to book a slot wink. Not that I am jealous or anything......

very sensible to do it on the 22nd. If able - I would probably look to get a few things now that can be frozen so if things are getting short in the shops you are "covered". Especially with the weather getting worse!!!!

Very best of luck!!

YuleBeLucky Sun 28-Nov-10 15:53:12

I've been using them for five years and they have never let me down on Christmas. I've had a couple of substitutions, but of course you can list the things you really don't want substituted OR what you'd like them subbed with.

readywithwellies Sun 28-Nov-10 18:14:20

You will get the same service as if you went into the shop. If the shop has run out of sprouts, they won't deliver them. They are pretty good though.

One suggestion though, use the comment boxes on the substitute section to ask for what you want as a sub. Otherwise you may get nowt or something random. For example, I asked for a Hovis Best of Both loaf, it was out of stock and they didn't send any substitute! So does that mean they had no bread in the entire store? No, it means the picker didn't use their common sense! (probably a uni student then? grin)

cyanarasamba Tue 30-Nov-10 13:25:52

Thanks for comments everybody - only just checked back! Will get comments in the substitution boxes as suggested.

Just had today's order cancelled due to snow. Guess I can't blame them for that even though it took me ruddy ages to do (grrrr!). Will have to keep an eye on the forecast nearer Christmas.

(Anyone know if I can copy/paste the cancelled order into a new one?)

cathers Tue 30-Nov-10 13:36:54

Last year I had an iceberg lettuce substituted for a red cabbage which I was cooking with with apple and red wine to go with the turkey. Not the same result!
Going to shop in store this year.

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