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Help! Which scalextric set for 4.5 year old?

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kateecass Sat 27-Nov-10 21:01:37

Been driving myself silly googling for the answer. I was going to get the Lightning McQueen one but the reviews say it's not great and the cars fly off the track. Have seen a few people are getting sets as presents, so was wondering what anyone got?

CherryTheRedNosedMonster Sat 27-Nov-10 21:31:33

not scalextric, but got battle decks for ds2 who is 9. they are pull back and go ones, but go for a long way. the whole family loved it, including db and me. real cheap in the entertainer too, sets from £15, cars from about £2

mumbar Sat 27-Nov-10 21:36:17

DS has got one from argos (£29.99). It does the loop and just goes round and round. He loves it. Sorry I can't remember what its called - i'll have a look and report back.

kateecass Sun 28-Nov-10 15:27:59

I'll have a look in the Argos catalogue thanks.

sazm Sun 28-Nov-10 21:47:55

we have a micro scalextric.its FAB.we have had cheaper versions before,but this is stay on the track even when you go really fast (unless the wee magnetic bits are not on properly) we r very impressed with ours.

kid Sun 28-Nov-10 22:01:13

I have just ordered a fast track one, it looks perfect for the younger age group as you litereally just open the case and its ready to go (with a few bits to click into place)

DC have a huge simpsons one and it takes ages to set up.

kateecass Mon 29-Nov-10 14:57:15

Sazm - you don't know which micro one it is do you there are loads.

I like the look of the one in the case but I think DH will say it's too small!

Thanks, getting closer I think to a decision!!

sazm Mon 29-Nov-10 20:30:24

ours is a couple of years old so you cant get the same one still,its got rally cars on it.

kateecass Tue 30-Nov-10 09:30:48

I think I have seen a micro Rally one thanks!!

VinaApsara Tue 30-Nov-10 14:00:58

I've got 5yo ds a "Scalextric C1251 Start - GT Endurance 1:32 Scale Race Set". Online reviews were good andyou can get adaptor packs to make it compatible with the full blown sets in due course.

kid Tue 30-Nov-10 21:34:54

Don't bother with the one in the case. I got it today and its a load of rubbish! It looks and feels REALLY cheap. I haven't tried to set it up yet, but I don't see how I can give it as a present. It really is horrible sad

kateecass Wed 01-Dec-10 13:37:48

Thanks, will avoid the case one and check out the Endurance one.

Haven't ordered yet as DH wants to order it.

kid Wed 01-Dec-10 16:13:49

I opened the case one and it's even worse on the inside. The case doesn't stay open, part of the join is split, the stickers are all wonky and some are peeling off. There are also no instructions which means I can't even put the stupid thing together. Time to contact amazon I think!

sazm Wed 01-Dec-10 18:42:38

the GT endurance one is on offer in tesco atm

kid Thu 02-Dec-10 18:38:47

Well the fast track set met a messy end. My puppy decided that he liked it and ate a lot of it today. I wasn't going to give it as a present anyway, but he has made sure no-one else can play it.

The amazon seller has offered to send a replacement (first one was damaged) but I have had to explain why I can't return the 1st one. I doubt they will be willing to send me a replacement now, but I'll wait and see. I thought my kids could have it or I could take it to work for the kids there to play with.

I couldn't see one on offer in Tesco. Could you do a link?

sazm Fri 03-Dec-10 10:09:01

ooh,i just seen it instore yesterday.

kateecass Fri 03-Dec-10 10:25:30

We are getting the endurance one from Argos today. Half price at £40. Thank you very much.

If we get a chance we'll take a look at it and report back. c_1/1|category_root|Gifts+and+hobbies|14417351/c_2 /3|15701076|Scalextric|23761301/c_3/4|cat_23761301 |Scalextric+sets|23761531.htm

kid Fri 03-Dec-10 18:19:08

just reserving that one kateecass, its a good price so that won me over!

The amazon people are sending me a replacement track in a case one and have said its fine that I can't return the original one! I'm sure I can give it to someone or even just let my kids play it.

kateecass Sat 04-Dec-10 09:21:44

Haven't managed to look at it yet. Bit tricky with a nosey 4 year old poking around. Certainly looks impressive in it's box. DH is impressed with my detective work.

That is great Amazon is replacing it.

kid Sat 04-Dec-10 19:31:21

I picked it up today, haven't taken it out of the bag yet, might have a quick nose at it before I wrap it. I'll definitely be keeping it away from the dog, he won't be eating anymore presents!

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