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Christmas meat

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domesticsluttery Sat 27-Nov-10 18:43:40

I am doing my butcher order this week, to be delivered on Dec 23rd.

There are 5 adults and 3 children here on Christmas Day, but one adult is vegetarian. I want some leftovers, but not too much as we are going away on Dec 28th. I am going for a boned and rolled turkey breast as it is easy to carve and none of us are keen on the dark meat.

I was planning on ordering:
2.5kg turkey
1kg collar of bacon (for Christmas Eve)
500g sausagemeat
500g chipolatas
500g bacon

Do you think that sounds about right? I hate ordering when you can't see what you are buying as I tend to buy by eye rather than by weight. DH keeps worrying me that it won't be enough (but he always over caters)

whenigrowup Sun 28-Nov-10 08:29:52

The thing about Christmas is that there are stacks of vegetables so you really don't need to get it spot on. I'm a cook and I frequetly over-provide! I also usually buy by eye and usually ask the butcher to show me what the weight of meat looks like. Most butchers absolutely love being asked for advice! so there's no harm in telling him or her how many people you're feeding and getting an opinion, or, you can stipulate a certain number of chips or bacon slices if you really want to. Good luck!

donnie Sun 28-Nov-10 08:34:17

any left overs can be frozen though. I always rely on loads of frozen cooked turkey left overs which I then use in rice, stews etc.

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