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What age do you stop pressies?

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PotPourri Sat 27-Nov-10 12:37:22

Just wondered what age you stop presents for neices/nephews. My neice is 18 this year and I had it in my head that pressies would stop at 18 - but not sure I can put my neck out and do it...! Anyone else have any views (and if you stopped, how did you go about it?)

DurhamDurham Sat 27-Nov-10 12:42:55

We buy for the children on both sides of our family, we have 6 neices. Not sure when I would stop buying them pesents. My dd1 is the oldest 'child' in the family at 17. I'll probably follow on from what the family do with reagrds to dd1, if they don't get her a present next year I will consider 18 to be the cut off point.
Having said the dd1 will be gutted if and when she doesn't get presents like the rest of her cousins!

Ragwort Sat 27-Nov-10 12:42:56

I stop at 18 - appreciate it's a bit awkward but just say breezily 'I am sure you will agree but now that X is 18 we won't be sending/giving birthday and Christmas presents'. Then change the subject so that it is not exactly a question, more of a statement. grin. Presumably the 18th present will have been a bit more generous than usual so that sort of 'marks the end' of the present giving.

Ragwort Sat 27-Nov-10 12:45:48

Durham - I know its difficult but I think if I had the eldest cousin I would make the statement about stopping myself - otherwise it just gets really awkward - when will your daughter stop expecting presents?

(although I am incredibly fortunate as my Godmother still sends me vouchers and I'm over 50 grin).

dracschick Sat 27-Nov-10 12:48:25

My Nanna a wealthy woman is hinting that ds1 aged 17 wont be getting a Xmas gift from her.

Its not too big a loss as she sends £5 per child and dh and I get £5 between us.


PotPourri Sat 27-Nov-10 13:15:05

Right. I will do the breezy thing then. will look like hte wicked (tight) witch of the west - but needs must. I have lots of children myself and for years now haven't known what to get the big cousins anyway!

Thanks all.

DurhamDurham Sat 27-Nov-10 13:46:17

Ragwort I'm sure my dd1 would cheerfully expect presents forever! It's a funny age 17/18, still considered a child at times but grown-up in other areas. She was out building a snowman with her sister last night so she's still a child at heart smile

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