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Anyone else done absolutely nothing

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usualsuspect Fri 26-Nov-10 20:12:20

about Christmas yet ? or just me

PositiveAttitude Fri 26-Nov-10 20:34:45

ME TOO!!! I have done absolutely nothing!



Christmas is banned in this house until December!!

KatieScarlett2833 Fri 26-Nov-10 20:37:40

Me too, will consider shifting my arse next week.....or maybe the week after......

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 27-Nov-10 02:15:40 a moment of madness I offered to have 20 of DH's team over to ours to celebrate the holidays and as a 'Thankyou' for them working so hard on his project. Party is in 1 week, all I've managed to do is buy some paper plates and matching napkins from Ikea for the princely sum of $4...better get my butt into gear...thanks for the prompt!

booyhoo Sat 27-Nov-10 02:22:53


have done nothing. no cards bought. no presents, wrapping paper. nothing.

mollycuddles Sat 27-Nov-10 02:28:03

Until yesterday had done zilch. Have now bought two presents online as there was a sale on for one day only.

mathanxiety Sat 27-Nov-10 02:30:04

Does it count if you have already formulated a general hazy vision of what you want to do?

BootifulBernie Sat 27-Nov-10 08:38:06

Paul Daniels, here (as in, 'Not a lot') wink

I have got some stuff for my DH (first Christmas in years that I am getting him anything at all, but have had a little windfall, so thought I'd treat him).

Half-heartedly looked things up online that I might buy for the kids, but I just cannot get into the 'spend, spend, spend' mood this year, seeing as we are quite broke.

I'm going 'Christmas shopping' with my mum net week, so will have to pull my finger out.

oldenoughtowearpurple Sat 27-Nov-10 08:43:09

The only thing I have done is tell everyone what I want for Christmas grin

MABS Sat 27-Nov-10 09:03:23

not a thing

sockmonkey Sat 27-Nov-10 09:03:45

I have done nothing. We chucked out our aged tree last year too.
DH gets paid the day before christmas eve... you can figure the rest.

starfishmummy Sat 27-Nov-10 14:31:17

Me too. Nothing. Have some chocs Santas to put in the perpetual advent calendar but that's it.

Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 14:38:10

I have 2 large chocolate santas, but they aren't so much for chritmas but part of my 'lets make BIL and his gf suffer by setting chocolate covered dd's on them on christmas day' plan.

Apart from that, a vague idea, and I am hosting christmas in someone else's house.

PLus I have 2 weeks until I have to exchange pressies with my family.

usualsuspect Sun 28-Nov-10 14:38:52

Yay! I bought a bottle of baileys, oooop I've opened it blush

cazzybabs Sun 28-Nov-10 15:21:53

me me me ... did have some port, chestnuts and dates the other day though

PositiveAttitude Sun 05-Dec-10 19:17:42

Me still nothing blush !!!!!!

themildmanneredjanitor Sun 05-Dec-10 19:22:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyMyfanwy Mon 06-Dec-10 08:54:51

Yes -and am starting to inwardly panic.

I need a kick up the arse and some ideas!

sarah293 Mon 06-Dec-10 08:56:47

Message withdrawn

PositiveAttitude Thu 09-Dec-10 18:42:52

Bought my first present online today. Only about another 16 to go and all the Santa presents for 5 dc!!! shock

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