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The Run love love it...

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TheGoddessBlossom Thu 25-Nov-10 19:33:26

One month to go. You start to see the decorations in the shops and in people's houses in Eastenders and all the street lights are up, and the carols are being played in the shops. You haven't heard them or seen it all for a year and you haven't had a chance to get sick of it yet, and it's all just so exciting! You look forward to watching Love Actually and all the xmassy movies and finishing your shopping, and when to put the tree up. I totally adore the run up to Christmas and wish you could bottle the feeling. grin

ja9 Thu 25-Nov-10 19:55:14

Me too. Just love it.

Marne Thu 25-Nov-10 19:58:37

Me too, i think the run up is better than x-mas day itself. I can wait till the kids break up from school, the last week is always the best.

OracleInaCoracle Thu 25-Nov-10 19:58:59

ooooo me too. I am so, so, so looking forward to this year!

The3Bears Thu 25-Nov-10 19:59:50

I do too gets me so excited

OracleInaCoracle Thu 25-Nov-10 21:24:35


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