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Christmas lights

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bren12 Thu 25-Nov-10 18:02:59

What type of christmas lights you prefer? Do you think shaded lights are more 'christmassy' than shadeless lights? Need some new ones and wondered what you other mumsnetters preferred or have got. I remember the Pifco lanterns, bells and petal lights. Do you think they were tacky or tasteful? Brenda

thisisyesterday Thu 25-Nov-10 18:09:33

i have little multi coloured LED ones with no shades

however, if i found some of the original pifco ones with PINK included like we always had at home i would totally get them!!!

i used to be tasteful and have white, and then i remembered i am the queen of tack, so now i have multicoloured

bren12 Thu 25-Nov-10 18:12:48

Do you find the white ones 'christmassy'? What you think of the led lights?

thisisyesterday Thu 25-Nov-10 21:26:42

the LED's are fine, very sparkly and never need to change the bulbs! which is why i got them

white can be christmassy i think, especially twinkly ones. i guess it depends what you're used to

bren12 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:46:14

I have thought about leds but need convincing they will last as long as once the bulbs go thats it can't be replaced which defeats the object of the environmentally friendly brigade lol

Decorhate Thu 25-Nov-10 21:49:32

Ooh Pifco. We had those too! Takes me right back. Does Pifco still exist?

bren12 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:51:10

I think it does but they don't do shades any more.

thisisyesterday Thu 25-Nov-10 21:57:29

ahh but they use a lot less electricity and should last for ages

my original string of proper lights doesn't work at all, have replaced bulbs, fuse, you name it... meh

at leat with the LED's they still work even if one goes out as well.

bren12 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:57:38

From all the people i know they thought the shaded lights were tacky and the shadeless ones looked better and just as christmassy.

bren12 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:58:46

How long have you had them? Did you buy Noma, Premier or other make?

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